Sunday, October 28, 2007


I started the orange flower! Yeah! I didn't stitch much on this flower even though I started earlier than friday night ... Weird !!! I'm happy to stitch a different shade! Usually I tried to stitch one part then another part but this time, I can't really do that. I tried stitching the vase only but I got bored with the different shades of beige. I should be more careful as I'm leaving small parts blank which mean I'll have to stitch them at the end ... Always boring ... Anyway, the pattern really come to life nicely even though the colors are a little darker than the kit picture ... I wish I knew how to frame ... All the stitching you can see in my photo album is not framed ... Will ever be? (for those who want to check the photo album, I remind you that you chose the album you want to see then you click on each photo to see the next one. My Lanarte album for this project is up to date )

Today, we changed time: we could sleep one more hour! I love it this way. It's even good for Chuy who will work morning shift this week and has to wake up at 4.20 am. Esteban was kind enough to sleep until 9.00 am so we all woke up at 8.00 am new time!!!

I can't stop looking at my silkweaver fabric! I haven't stored them in my treasure box yet They are so beautiful and golden promise really caught my eyes! It will be perfect for Santa's magic. I have the chart. It could end up like this one stitched by french stitcher.

Isn't it beautiful? I remembered she said it was a lot of work because there are many color change but the result is stunning It's nice to have great fabrics in our stash but I prefer to know what I can stitch on them. I am still puzzled with my kind of purple/pink fabric??? But I don't want to sell it (my fabrics are my own little blankies they confort me )

Selina: we're going to go to Stuttgart to the american base.

Have a good sunday


Tammy said...

The orange flower is coming along nicely. I've done some pieces where I've left spots and regret it because if I didn't like a particular spot when I was in the area stitching, I'm not going to like it later when I'm almost finished.

I like your idea of the fabric you own as giving your comfort. I understand that completely!

Keep up the great work and see you tomorrow with another update. :)

Sally said...

Oooh an orange flower! It is looking truly beautiful:)

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Your fabric from silkweaver are so beautiful! I love their fabrics too! Your right the orangish/yellowish one would be perfect for the Santa :)

Anonymous said...


Je vois que ta toile purple te chagrine, c'est un coloris parfait pour faire un modèle halloween pour l'année prochaine!!! Bravo pour l'avancé de ton bouquet de rose.

Anonymous said...

Love your progress :) I was lazy today. I really love the Santa. He's wonderful

Stuttgart is pretty lose to where I live. I am sure you are going to enjoy your time. There are lovely museums and parks.

Have a lovely day.

Ranae said...

The santa is gorgeous. I cant part with any of my fabby either, someday something will catch your eye and it will be perfect.
I wont get bored reading you everyday, i just might not comment everyday, but still know I visit you.