Thursday, October 25, 2007

Under pink .

I know I told you I was supposed to stitch some of the vase but I love too much stitching the flowers. The colors are more attractive so I am mainly stitching pink colors (some white will be included. I don't like to stitch with the white DMC. Do you? The stitches are never fine, I always have to be careful. I wish I can use a better brand for the white. Which one do you use? ) After the pink rose I'll move on to stitch yellow/peach colors. I'm very attracted to peach! I don't know why. It's like Santa claus : why am I so attracted to a guy who wears red all year long? Do you think I should get a red outfit to Chuy for christmas?


Anonymous said...

Hi Chiloe

Your vase is beautiful!

Can I just ask, do you have something set on your blog to throw up advertising or similar because a lot of the times when I visit your blog I get pop-ups or if I block them my computer locks on me and I have to do a restart. It's never happened on anyone elses blog and I can't understand why it only ever happens on yours.

Marita said...

I dislike stitching using DMC white also. Which is why I try to do patterns with very little white in them.

Chuy should certainly be wearing more red :grin:

Stitchingranny said...

Roses are looking lovely and really taking shape now.

Carla said...

Yo tambien destesto bordar con hilo nota mucho mas los defectos :( ...pense que era sólo con DMC pero con hilo Anchor me pasa lo mismo.