Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Second pic

I'm more and more original for my tittles So here is the new pic: the box is finished !!! Yeah! Isn't it a cute box? I even started the mouse's foot. (but you can barely see it !!! )

Debbie: I used to not finish my projects either. If now I finish them I think it's because I found the right fabric for me: lugana 32 count or 28 count. I do change all the fabric in the kits. Do you have a photo album so we can see your nice pieces?


Beatrice said...

That box is really cute! I can see the mouses foot!

Carla said...

buen progreso Chiloe!!! y si veo un poquito de la pata del raton :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Chloe havent an album yet but might set one up. My most challenging piece was Thomas Kinkade Forest Chapel. Also finished Canterbury Bell Fairy still have back stitching to finish on it. I also knit. I,m making bratz doll clothes for my 2 girls and my youngest who is 7 loves Noddy so I,ve started a toy for her. I also love crochet, Tapestry and latch hook but x stitch is my main love. Next project I,m going to start is a snow scene.