Friday, April 13, 2007

No stitching... and a nightmare !!!

I didn't have time to stitch last night. So tonight it is stitching night but something terrible happened : my stitching lamp broke at the base ... Noooooooooo ! It's not one of those fancy stitching lamp (even though I wish to have one : Santa if you read my blog , think about me: I'm been very nice lately :D ) Anyway, it happened in the morning (almost broke one of my friend's son's head : oops ... :) So this afternoon, I rushed to the funriture store where I bought it ... But there were none ... :o So I went to a second one, and they were sold out. They had some but they cost 43 Euros so I decided to check another store to see if I'll have more luck. The third store didn't have any ... Well, let me tell you something ladies: all those stores are going to suffer a lot when IKEA is going to be open in my town !!! It should be in 2009 or 2010 (it's a long time to wait but it's worth it :D
Anyway: that doesn't solve my problem... No good light for tonight... I'll try with a desk lamp but It may not be the same. Tomorrow, I'll check another store or I'll go back to the second one and spend my 43 Euros ... unless someone wins the lottery and want to be generous with me ;)


AngelSan said...

it happened to me not so long ago... Saturday night, 10pm: the halogen lamp in the dark corner of the living room broke.

But we live in modern times, and I got a new lamp for 12 pounds the following morning.

Maybe you want to invest in a good lamp?

StashDiva said...

Hi bad news about the lamp, I have a very cheap IKEA lamp and love it and recommend them.
I love the piece you are working on and the birdhouse is coming along very nicely.
Did you check my old blog there is most of my stitching as I have not yet moved it to my new blog.
Agusta in Iceland