Sunday, April 22, 2007

I added the flower

The flower is finished: I still need to add the backstitch on the main flower. I'm going to go up to the third birdhouse (above the blue one) At least, I stitch fast which is great. I'm already kind of thinking about my next project.

It could be that:

I bought that kit from the french ebay. I bought it to offer it to one of my sister in law in Texas who like stitching once in a while. But when I got the kit, the seller had opened it, cut the image to make it fit into her envelope ... :o Well, I could not offer it as is for her birthday so I decided to stitch this design. I'm not too fond of angels but I really like my sister in law and I know she will love it. That's why I bought the solo from silweaver. What do you think? Do you like angels? Those are cute so they should not too painful to stitch. I like the little girl's face and expression (except it is a Dimensions kit so the design may be a little tricky with combined colours ... )

Today, it is voting day in France. I'm among those people who don't know for whom they're going to vote ... We can choose from 12 candidates but I don't really trust them as I thing they just want the power. Sarkozy got a DNA testing to find the guys who stole his son's scooter as did Segolène Royal ... Do you think they will do if the son of a poor man had his scooter stolen too? I don't think so ... They spend OUR money as if it belongs to them and not to the community ... anyway, I'm going to go voting and I'll decide at the last moment...


I'm still not feeling too well. Should I spend some money on cross stitch to feel better? .... I'm thinking about the Fabric of the Month from Silweaver .... Who knows what can happen :D


By the way, blogspot seems to obey me a little better but it is not quite what I want yet ... I'll see if it will leave a space between 2 lines ... (no, it doesn't do it yet or at least, not today lol )


Have a good sunday !!!


Carla said...

estas avanzando rapidisimo!!!
los angeles se veran lindos en el Solo que has elegido!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure either why they called it a wagon. But I gather that if you said you are on the Wagon...means you would not be buying any stash until whatever reason you put yourself on the wagon in the first place.

For example, I'm on the wagon till I complete 50 WIPs or on wagon till Dec 2007.

Hope that helps.

Hugs to a great start on Monday. Hope you are feeling better today.

Cathy said...

sorry that you're feeling blue. I hope things cheer up for you soon.