Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Birdhouse completed

I finished the birdhouse last night. I still need to do some backstitch on the birdhouse but I'll do that later ;) I even have time to start the small birdhouse on the right. I may stitch the flower under after I finish the birdhouse. The colors are blue - green. It should go faster than the main birdhouse so I find that very motivating. I don't think I'll spend 7 months on that one :) But we never know :D Anyway, I'm glad I finished the main birdhouse !!!

I didn't work yesterday so I'll see if they call me today. I feel weird staying at home. I hate that actually and I don't think I could be a housewife : I'll get depressed (and desesperate ;) lol )


Carla said...

te ha quedado linda la pajarera y espero te hayan llamado hoy para trabajar, te entiendo perfectamente cuando dices que te deprime y desespera estar en casa todo el dia.

Anonymous said...

bravo !!!!!!!!!!!!