Saturday, April 14, 2007

And who is a happy girl?

I got lucky this afternoon: I got my lamp !!! YEAH !!! I went to a Home Depot kind of store (Leroy Merlin for those who know) and there it was : in special ! Only 3 left because it was 14.95 Euros instead of 22. I took it in white instead of the dark yellow I would have liked (they were sold out) And, I even got a daylight bulb !!! They are the only home improvment store that have those around here. It is not the real brand but I don't care as I know they work fine too. Well well well, I 'm going have a nice stitching night !!!

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Carla said...

que bueno que hayas podido encontrar la lampara que necesitabs para poder avanzar con tus bordados...acabo de ver tu progreso en la pajarera y te esta quedando muy linda :)