Monday, April 16, 2007

Almost done.

I'm not done like I wanted to but I'm almost done. Only the very top of the birdhouse is not finished. The overview of the birdhouse is still dark. I hope with the smaller designs around, it will look clearer.

Yesterday, we went to an adventure park with some friends. It was a first time for everybody. Pierre was very excited and he enjoyed very much being so high in the trees. It was very good for him as he tends to lack confi-dence. Emma wanted to do the baby course but then, decided she will do the junior one like her friend. At some moments, she got very scared but she was brave and completed all the junior course. That's great as she is sometimes scared for little things. During that time, I took care of Esteban so you won't see any pictures of me climbing in trees. I'm sure you will have enjoy that view. :D It cost 42 Euros for 3 but Chuy said it is worth it. The kids really got a good time for the last day of their vacations !!!
The phone has not ring yet. So I don't know if I will work today or not. It is 10 am , they can call until 12.00 am so I'm waiting. I hate that because you are stuck at home and I don't really want to start something like big cleaning and have to stop in the middle and leave all the mess behind. Well, we'll see!!! I'll keep you posted ;)


Anonymous said...

géniale la journée.

Anonymous said...

superbe !!!!!!!!!! bravo