Wednesday, April 18, 2007

More progress

My last progress: as you can see it goes pretty fast. It also helps that I am not working ... They haven't called yet so I'm going to call the lady today to remind her that I am here, available (desesperate) to work !!! :D On the small, there are many colors changes so that's also explain why I go very fast on that one. I am now sure I won't spend 7 months on that design.

Today, it's wednesday which means for french kids: activities ! Drawning class in the morning for Pierre and Emma and music and violin class for Emma in the afternoon.

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Anonymous said...

waouuu c'est fou comme tu avances!
Rien fait les temps derniers (enfin si, un truc que je en peux pas encore montrer) et là j'ai les doigts rouges d'éosine a soigner le genoux de A donc j'évite de toucher mes toiles.