Thursday, April 26, 2007

Do you see a bird now ?

Now you start to see the whole picture, right? :D I stitched the head just for you ladies !!! You must feel special, mustn't you? (I'm using my english gramar right now :p ) If I'm joking that's also mean I'm feeling so good to be working !!! I couldn't stitch at work because I was too busy at lunch time but I have good hope for tomorrow ;)
Barbibouille: j'ai beaucoup avancé parce que je n'avais pas de remplacements alors j'en ai profité ;)


Anonymous said...

Très joli ce Lanarte !!
je viens sur ton blog depuis quelques temps déjà (quand tu brodais l'abc winnie) mais sans jamais laisser de commentaire..
je suis abonnée à "fabric of the month" de silkweaver, ce sont des toiles géniales !

Anonymous said...

yes I do ^^

Anonymous said...

Ok Je comprends ;- )
My english isn't good well I don't read something all the time.
I look for an english teacher for my boy, if you likes.