Thursday, September 6, 2007

Too small !

Yes, my scanner is now too small to hold the whole fabric so from now on, you will see only the left part: the flower garland I am working on. I'm trying to do the backstitch along the way. Backstitches is not my favorite so I better not leave it to the end ... We all know now that it won't be finished in 8 days I'll see if I can stitch in the afternoon. i still need a lot of time to clean up the apartment. I reorganize everything so it takes time ... I even took some measures to buy a couple of small furnitures to be able to put all my papers. Chuy is not working tomorrow so we'll see what we find. It's too bad IKEA is not open yet !!! It should open in my town in 2009 (2010 if we are not lucky )

Yesterday, kids didn't have school. The wednesday activities haven't started yet but Pierre had speech therapy. I told the therapist about Pierre's memory problems. He is not able to repeat a sentence right after I said it for example so school is very hard for him. I think it's from the perinatal stroke (or right after birth - it's hard to know actually) . As a parent, you feel your child has been cheated from the life he could have had ... Like if he didn't have enough to deal with the learning problems, he had to have leukomia ..... The therapist advised me to do memory games with him and to put some objets in a box, take 2 out and ask him to draw what is missing. I'll try to do that everyday while I don't work. It's hard with Pierre because he has trouble accepting he has to work more than a regular child, more than his sister for example ... Emma comes back from school and she already knows all the words she has to learn. Pierre sees that and he feels it's not fair.

Tomorrow, we'll go to check for a brand new car. That will be our first big investment in France. The car we have is too small for 3 kids. So we have that:

This a Renault Clio - a small car.

And we want to buy this:

It's a Logan MCV (a station wagon. We want it with 7 places in order to be able to bring our children friends along once in a while !!!) The only problem with this car is the waiting list to get one. Because it is a low cost car (10 000 Euros for a station wagon) , Renault decided to limit the numbers of cars available on the market. So your order it and then you wait and wait a long time but I think the prices is worth the wait !!!

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Cathy said...

Being the younger sibling of a very intelligent older sister, I can understand Pierre's pain. It is frustrating to have to work harder, to know that it comes easier to others. Pierre will find his way of learning, though. I bet that if you make the practice fun, he won't even know he's learning. The memory games are a great idea. The other thing you could do is take a few different types of fruit (or candy, whatever works)and cover one with a bowl and ask him what's missing. If he gets it right, he gets to eat it.

Putting things to music always helped me. You just have to find Pierre's strengths and work with them. Good luck!