Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I tried

Yes, I tried to scan my second dove and it didn't work again ... I feel so bad for having wanted to scan something at a high setting and because of that having messed up with my scanner. It was so easy before: Put the fabric in, scan and put it in a file... So you won't see the new dove. Sorry for that. Tonight, I'm going to stitch the flowers near the boy's outfit and the white I had left in the little girl dress. Then I will have to concentrate on the last wing ... But that will mean: freedom is near I'll take a picture tomorrow with my camera.

Emma got her violin class this morning and she did what I call "her lazy butt" She took her time to take her violin and was not very cooperative with her nice and patient teacher Let's make it clear : I did NOT choose her instrument (the sound of a violin played by a young learner can be ... how should I say ... nerve wrecking? I would have prefered she pick the piano (my favorite instrument ) Anyway, since she chose that instrument, I expect her to make an effort to pratice regurlarly !!!

Oh! oh! a storm is coming so I'm going to shut down the computer and stitch!

Have a good night


Heather said...

You are flying along on your angels, I can’t believe you are almost done. You are so good about working on one thing at a time, I wish I had your perseverance. Maybe I wouldn’t have so many ½ finished projects :)

Your new kits are so pretty!

Jo said...

You should be able to reset your scanner to the default settings hon.

However, if all else fails and it won't reset at all, if you have the disk uninstalling it and then going through the installation process again will set everything back to the default factory settings.

My email is dieflyn (at), please feel free to email me any time you need and I'll see what I can do to help you get your scanner back to normal.


Marita said...

Sorry about your scanner.

I really hope neither of my girls decides to take up the violin. That learner sound is ouchy on the ears.

Sally said...

Looking forward to seeing a picture. Hope you get your scanner sorted out.

Stitchingranny said...

Lol dont envy you with a daughter learning violin - though they are lovely to listen to when they are well played.

Hope you get your scanner sorted soon.

Dawn T. said...

Good luck with Emma and the violin! My DD started playing the clarinet 2 years ago and we referred her practicing as "defanging a walrus". All at once it made sense to her and we could actually recongize songs.