Saturday, September 8, 2007


Nope, my husband didn't offer me flowers (he almost never does actually ) but I did work on the flower garland last night. It's not going be longer than what you see on the picture. The design is now too big to fit on my scanner screen. I could take a photo with my camera but I can't really take good close up picture with it. I'll try once in a while in order to show a full image of my progress.

If you look at the ticker, you saw Chuy's family arrives in 6 days So yesterday it was shopping day: we went to check for a new furniture for the entrance. I found the one I wanted and will get it this morning. We bought 2 foldable stool chairs and we are going to get 2 foldable chairs as well. It's hard to imagine 9 extras people in this small apartment ... I hope everybody will have a seat During my shopping spree , I also bought 2 pillow covers for my ugly pillows in my living room. They are now covered with a nice chocolate color and are washable - which was not possible with the pillows I have. I should change also my sofa as it got a hole at one edge. Of course, it happened on Chuy's side because my stitching side is still perfect I guess the fabric on the sofa was too thin as I didn't pay a lot of money for it ... Anyway, even though it's embarassing it will stay that way as I can't afford a new sofa right now and sofa covers are very expensive too... After we would have mounted the furniture (which is always very interesting in this household ... ) I will have to continue reorganizing the whole appartment in the hope to have less piles and a mess free desk !!!

In july, I bought a very bedding during the sale time but they didn't have the pillow cases. I bought it thinking I will find some pillow cases that could match a little bit the bedding. But it did not happen. Yesterday, as I was cruisisng the furniture store, I saw MY bedding on display! I couldn't believe it !!! So I rushed to find a sale person (which is sometimes mission impossible in this kind of stores ...) to check if they actually sell beddings. The guy told me they do and I searched all their beddings: and I DID find my matching pillow cases !!! YEAH!!! What are the odds for something like that to happen? Same bedding in 2 different stores !!! Maybe it was my lucky day and I should have played the lotery?


Marita said...

Wow! That is awesome progress Chiloe. Well done.

Carla said...

Ya flta muy poco para que llegue la familia...son 9 personas las que vienen?? wow tu departamento va a estar full esos dias...seguro disfrutaran mucho :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Chiloe, I was finally able to open your blog. No idea what the problem was. You have a very fast and nice progress on the angels. :)

Happy Stitching

Stitcher S said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Chiloe. As for your question, I teach first grade in a public school with most of my students being English Learners. I used to teach adult ESL as well, but I'm taking a break from it.

Your stitching is beautiful, and I enjoyed reading your blog. I'll have to come back again.

Hablo espanol (mas o menos..hago muchos errores) como segundo idioma y parece que usted habla tres lenguajes. Que fantastico!

Susieq said...

That is so adorable. I don't think I've ever seen this design until I started checking your progress. I'm loving it.