Monday, September 3, 2007

Almost done with the boy !!!

I think I made great progress on trying to fill in the blank in the little boy's outfit. I even started the arrows behind him. Well, they will look like arrows when I would have done the backstitching. I even managed to finish up all the stitches at the bottom of the little girl's dress. She also need some backstitches so it can look like a real dress. I'm quite happy with myself today because the main design is done quickly. I looked at the wings yesterday and I was wondering if they will take as much time as I think or if it will go faster than I think ... You know sometimes when you don't like something, you make a big thing of a little thing ...

Marie reminded me that today we will be able to see the Lanarte new fall collection !!! From the preview I saw, some design are just gorgeous ! The only thing I don't like with lanarte, it's their prices

They haven't called me yet ... I hate to have to wait because I feel I cannot really start something that take time... But anyway, teachers don't sick on their first day of school, right? So I think I have plenty of time to do some cleaning


Crazy X-Stitcher Etc said...

Let's make it happen too. I'm paying by installement. Only pay extra S$70.

Love your angels!!

Marita said...

Great progress. A real difference since you last posted a picture.

I really shouldn't have clicked on the lanarte link. :eek: Time to go look at the credit card bill that arrived today and remind myself why I can't buy anymore stash just now. :grin:

Sally said...

You really are making lovely progress on this. You have much more patience than me. I couldn't do all that backstitch:)

sugardoll said...

Beautiful. Love seeing ur progress. These 2 are just so adorable!!

You are so right about the Lanarte kits...but they are so gorgeous, i can't resist! lol