Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I'm back !!!

I got back my phone line yesterday !!! I don't know what really happened. On thrusday we lost our regular phone line then on friday a technician switched our line with a woman's line ... suddendly I had another phone number... I made several calls to the phone company, explained why our line is important and so on ... Of course, they didn't care and planned for a technician to come on monday... We had given Lorena (Chuy's niece in Germany) my cellular number so she was able to reach me when they arrived here. It was hard not having my internet connection . I think I'm a little addicted

I made some progress yesterday in my angels. They are not finished as you can guess Here is the pic of last night work:

His wing is really a pain. I have a lot of white left everywhere. I'm sure her wings are going to be easier. I'm not quite done on his wing because of all the unstitch part I left everywhere. I have stitched 80 % of the pattern. I can't wait to finish it to stitch something different ... Like I didn't feel well today, I decided to order the two lanarte kits I showed you last time. (still visible on that page) I also added a 32 count antique white lugana fabric for a lanarte kit I own. I want to change the linen fabric for my favorite lugana. I placed my order with Sew and so.

Thanks for your comments while I couldn't write my blog


Anonymous said...

Oh, your angels looks cuter and cuter each time I visit here.

Anonymous said...

just incredible. I'm enjoying your progress