Saturday, September 15, 2007

Lost my connection

Hi everybody

I lost my internet connection because my phone provider switch my phone number with an unknown person. So I now get phone calls for this person but i can't have internet anymore. :-(( I hope they will fix it on monday. Chuy's family arrived and we're having a good time. Pictures whenever possible !!!


Carla said...

Que bueno que esten disfrutando la visita de la familia.
Espero se solucione el problema con el telefono e internet

Sally said...

I hope you get your phone problems sorted soon:)

Tammy said...

Hope your phone problems are solved soon.

Have fun with your company.

Beatrice said...

It was lovely of you to check in on my blog. Thank you for your comment.
Your stitching is beautiful. And I hope to see more when you get your phone line fixed.

Dawn T. said...

I hope they get it fixed soon. Enjoy the family:)

sugardoll said...

Oh no! I hate getting calls that aren't mine LOL. Many moons ago while i was pregnant with my son, a lady called me and accused me and said what i have been doing with her husband?! I got so scared as there are so many crazy people out there, I thought maybe she was pretending and infact want to cut me open to take my baby LOL. I called hubby and he went and called this lady and scolded her! Phew!

Enjoy the family visiting! I haven't seen my parents in over 3 years since i moved to the U.S. You are very lucky! =)

Anonymous said...

tu n'as plus qu'à beaucoup broder alors :)

Allez courage !