Sunday, June 17, 2007

Still busy

I don't give up on my blog. It is just that I am very busy with school. The end of the year is so much work. I don't have time to get close to a needle lately.
Last night , we went to see a circus. Emma had fever but she insisted on going so I gave her a fever reducer and we went. Chuy stayed home with esteban because the show was supposed to last 3 hours. (and it did) It was organized by the school I worked for until the end of december. The show was great! It is a mixed of the circus show by the profesional and the kids. We saw lions so emma was very impressed. Each class trained during a week before presenting their show to the parents !!! I saw my former students and their parents and my great co workers so it was very nice !!!
I miss stitching but I'm so busy. Maybe I'll take some time one evening for me!!! I do need it...

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Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed reading your blog and looking at your projects.

Glad that you enjoyed the circus - grown-ups think it's silly and it sometimes take kids to show us how much we're missing with our 'grown up attitude.'. :)