Friday, June 29, 2007


Thanks too all who went to see chiloe's city : I have now 9 persons living there . If it's full of cross stitchers, I'll move in right away. Imagine what paradise it should be !!! You can organize stitching night (or week end) ,have great needlestores!!! Maybe it won't be as enjoyable for the spouses but for us !!!
Life is slow at school: we are all tired : kids and teachers. We are all waiting for the vacations I work tomorrow: I hate working on saturday mornings, especially on sale days ! What are we going to do tomorrow??? good question! In old time, we used to stop at the end of june. What's the purpose on going until the begining of july???
I stitched a little bit at school today. That's the good thing about the end of the year

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Name: Vicki said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I enjoyed reading your blog! I substitute teach, also! But we got out the end of May. Your stitching is gorgeous! Stop by again soon!