Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Glad everybody sees a knee !!!

I added more red last night. What else? I hear you thinking... The red line on the left is the left limit of the design. So tonight I fill up what is under and I'll stitch on the right. On the left part of the book, it is going to be mixed colors (for artistic effect as they say ) I'll keep those for later (i'm not in an artistic mood lately )
It's hard to keep the kids busy at school as they got their grades and they know they all go to the next level. This afternoon , we watched a dvd about volcanoes, then we decided what movies we are going to watch on monday. And in between, 2 students told us what they learnt about parrots. They chose the subject but it was sooooooooo boring, I could have fallen asleep !!! We got great subjects before: Egypt or China but this one was probably the worse ... (yet the 2 kids are great kids !!! ) Tomorrow: 2 new subjects! Wish me the best

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aller, courage, ça avance !