Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It's sale day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today it's official: sales started in France . Stores can reduce their prices during the season but we also have 4 weeks when they can reduce everything. So it started this morning. So that's where I was, of course !!! I mostly got new clothes for the kids at 50 % (I don't buy otherwise !) Pierre needed pants and Emma? well, she's a girl and I have only one girl so we mostly buy cute stuffs for her to be cute


It's nice to talk about shopping but I stitched last night So here is my picture:

I finished Santa's leg and I even did the backstitch because I don't like to keep it for the last moment. Now I'm sure EVERYBODY sees the leg???? It's funny how it was painful to stitch the green and how I enjoy the red ... I'm sure for some people it's the contrary.
I got a catalog from the cross stitch store I got my Winnie and I fell in love with a new kit I'm going to get. No picture yet (I'll try to find the link to show you !!!)
By the way, you may have notice that I don't work today (I never work on wednesdays ) Emma has her musical show at 6.30 this evening ! She's going to play the violin and sing. Usually, the shows are great.


debijeanm said...

Oh, I'm inspired to get out something and stitch, now. Something with red like my Santa or the hollyhocks. Hmmmm.

Thanks you for commenting on my blog. I'll answer your question there, too, but wanted to answer directly. Believe it or not, Disneyland does not carry cross-stitch kits! Isn't that amazing?!?! Even the kit for the Disneyland Happiest Homecoming I could not buy there. I asked the CM at the Disney memorabilia shop and she was a cross-stitcher who shared my disgust that people could buy OUR homecoming kit at all the other parks EXCEPT ours.


Anonymous said...

Oooh, sales... Hope you got some fantastic bargains! :)

You're making great progress and by now, I can DEFINATELY see a leg. :D

Anonymous said...

j'espère que tu n'as pas fait flamber ta carte bleu ;-)
Je re brode un peu vu le temps moche que l'on a en ce moment.