Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring is here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Officially it's the first day of spring !!! It was cold today but very sunny and it made me happy. We went to buy some tools to start to work in the garden: I want a lot of flowers this summer !!!

My dad had his surgery today and apparently, it went well. Let's hope it goes better than last time when he spent more days than planned in the hospital.

Here is my little violinist player playing in front of the whole class on wedenesday. She played well ( I have to believe the teacher because honestly I'm really bad with music ... )

BOoo or black? Wonder what is the real tittle I already used a whole skein of black ... You canv see I try to be a good girl by stitching some borders EVERYDAY ... It's painful but someone has to do it and I can't count on Chuy for that one
Have a great week end !!!


Carmen said...

congratulations to the violinist!.

the BOoo look great.

is sunny here too!!

Unknown said...

Elle est toute mimi et très concentrée derrière son pupitre, ta fille.
Si tu en as marre du noir, tu pourrais refaire un bout de fuchsias non! ;)

mainely stitching said...

Great job with the black. That's really difficult.

Love the picture of Emma with her violin.

Unknown said...

hi chiloe, how are you today, glad to hear your fathers surgery went well...fingers crossed that everything stays well *hugs*

ps great progress on booo! i love it :)

Wendy said...

That is such a lovely picture of your daughter! She is a beautiful girl.

Great progress on your Boo! Love this one.

Yeah! The spring is here too in Belgium. It was cold too today, but we got sun all week already, and it feels so good.

Carolyn NC said...

Boo is really turning out so cute! Glad to hear good news about your dad. Your DD is so cute in that picture. Good for her playing the violin!

tkdquintmom said...

I hope your Dad is feeling better honey! and, of course, Boooo is looking VONDERFUL! (as dracula would say)

Kathy A. said...

Yipee it is spring. Hope you have lovely weather frin here on.
Glad your dad is doing okay and that he continues to progress well.
NOw that is one quite violinist! Makes her mother proud!

Akila said...

Hope your dad gets well soon. Isn't it nice to see our little ones do something we never did :)
Just a little more black and you'll be done. Great progress :d

Anonymous said...

Courrage Chiloe ton Boo tient le bon bout, lol, tu as déjà bien avancé ce noir et bientôt il sera terminé.

A bientôt

debijeanm said...

Boo! is adorable! And I'm so proud of you for finishing the green. Maybe you should imagine that green Christmas tree as a big lollipop!

Thanks for stopping by to meet the puppy. He's already been good therapy. I slept five hours straight last night for the first time in months. We picked him up about 4:00. He had two minor accidents in the house, did the right thing outside twice. Spent the night in my son's room so I'll have to ask him how things went (they're not up and out yet.)

diestsa could be a useful word. A diet that is a fiesta would be more fun than most diets. Or it could mean diet + siesta, which, I fear, would be more my style.

Ranae said...

Happy Spring!!!
I hope you dad has a quick recovery
Your little violinist player looks cool and calm in front of the class.
The Halloween in me loves that Boo, you are making great progress.

Toast Troll said...

Hope your dad recovers quickly from surgery. And congratulations to you little one for playing well in fron to of her class - I'm sure that can be nerve-wracking! :)

Your project is coming along wonderfully!

Pumpkin said...

Emma is so cute!

Good for you! I know the same color over and over is no fun but don't give up now ;o)

Marita said...

Your little violinist looks fabulous and very professional.