Sunday, December 28, 2008

We live in Playmobil land !!!

That's the way my living room looked this morning. I finally assemblied Steb's circus with the help of Chuy and Pierre. The circus is very nice: the lights inside can be turned on. Playmobil are nice toys that really last ( I still have mine !!!) For now, Steb is careful with it and we hope it will remain that way but he's a quiet boy so I'm pretty sure, he won't destroy it (otherwise, Santa won't be as nice next year !!! )

When Pierre was at his friend's house, we had one of Emma best friend for two days. It's the first time we had someone for a sleepover because our appartment was too small to have anyone ... Emma was so happy to have her best friend to play with. We all played with Pierre's NO panic game. To win you have to find words the fastest you can. It was a lot of fun. Pierre on the other side, had a lot of fun playing with his friend's playstation and Wii (actually, his friend, a single child, seems to have a lot of stuffs ... ) but Pierre got very sentimental at the end of the day (actually he was midnight). He cried a little bit and wanted to call us on the phone (he later told me he missed us). The mom told him it was not such a good idea to do so . Now, Emma is at her friend's house for the week end. On monday afternoon, she'll go to one of her classmates' birthday in an indoor amusment park (better be indoor as it's very cold right now ... )

About Christmas, I think next year, I'll go for a list , which is something I never did or wanted to do. I love to surprise people with gifts they will really enjoy or don't expect but always wanted and kind of dream on getting the same thing. But I'm married with Chuy and not with someone who loves to get gifts that will surprise his love one.... He needs to be guided I guess ...

I made good progress on my fuchsia even though I'm stitching some greens: Honestly, stitching a color that is not one of my favorite always make the whole thing less fun ... Am I the only one? So what do you think?
Stay warm !!!


Anonymous said...

The trick is to make sure they read the list. I have to keep reminding hubby to read the list but he has gotten better. Our low point was the year he got me a tube of lipstick for Christmas (yep a tube of lipstick, that was it).

Daffycat said...

Wow, that circus looks awesome!

Believe me, I had asked especially for each one of my gifts...or else I'd get crap. I didn't mention I also got a carpet shampooer...POO!

You should make a list!

Tammy said...

Love the Playmobil circus. It looks awesome.

I asked for one gift specific because I really wanted/needed it and Cute Boy wouldn't have known to get it for me. The rest of my gifts were a surprise and he did good!

mainely stitching said...

Great Playmobil circus! Our kids also love these toys and they make great gifts - as you say, they really do last & last.

I also don't like stitching with colors that really put me off. It does indeed make the whole project less fun.

Hope you're continuing to enjoy yourself! :D

Meari said...

Fuscia looks great!

About the list thing... You'll still be surprised because you won't know what he'll get you (unless he buys EVERYTHING on the list!). When I was little, my Mom always had us make lists... it didn't mean we'd get anything or everything on it, but it did give her and idea of what we liked or were "into". Plus, it'd be better than getting gifts you won't like. LOL

That circus looks like a lot of fun!

Tammy said...

So pretty and colorful! Your lanarte is just gorgeous-those colors are awesome!

Kathy said...

Oh wow your lanarte is stunnig I love flowers.

Love the playmobile circus real cute and colourful. Happy New year

Hugs xxxx

Sandra said...

I make a list because I like to be surprised, so I will get something I want or need and also will be a surprise because I don't know what will it be. But generally I'm happy with whatever thing I get.

I like your fuchsia, it's coming along nicely, you might not like green but it balances the whole look, so stay focus on how it'll look at the end, that might help you go through the color.

tkdquintmom said...

After almost 14 years of marriage, i vinally made a 'list' this year. I got two things on it and one was not. He did pretty good actually but NO STITCHY STUFF :-(....Oh well, there is hope, my birthday is around the corner. I'll be over soon to play with the circus! live in a circus.

Beatrice said...

The Fuchsia is beautiful.
Christmas with kids is a ball You get to play with such wonderful toys.
Have a very Happy New Year!

Lori said...

Looks like you all have settled in nicely in your new home. I bet you are glad to have the move over with.

That circus is just so cute... can I come over and play? LOL.

I had to ban my daughter from going to her good friend's house... the Mother there lost her temper in front of all the kids and my daughter came home crying. Not good. :o( Hope your kids have better experiences at their friend's homes.

Your flower looks gorgeous, glad you are still finding time for it.

Windy said...

Hey Chiloe! Thank you for wondering about me. I was in the hospital on bedrest therefore no computer! AAAAAHHHHHH! I have missed your blog.
Happy new Year and Merry X-Mas

Pumpkin said...

Ohhhh, that Playmobile stuff looks like fun! Can I come over to play? :o)

You must almost be done your flower!