Monday, December 22, 2008

A swap and a progress.

In november, I signed up for a christmas book exchange on Emmyne's blog. She organized a great swap !!! This is what I got for Steb and Emma from Juliette (but we shared with Pierre as he complained right away: but why don't I have something me too? 12 years old ... you'll think he passed this stage: why him and not me ... ) Juliette showed more pictures on her blog.

Steb and Emma were very excited to open some presents:

Pierre opened the night before christmas (a book I was planning on buying !) You did a great job choosing the books Juliette!!!
Emma opened an activity book and Steb a little bear book. Juliette didn't know it but she sent Steb his favorite chocolate: chocolate lollipops. And she made two handmade ornament, including one she cross stitched !!!

I sent some christmas books to Picokoa and her sons: I shamelessly stole the pictures from her blog because with the move, I forgot to take pictures ... J'espère que tu ne m'en voudras pas I had a lot of fun wrapping those books for her sons, finding the matching sticker with the wrapping paper. I found a great book for her little one: an odor book with christmas fragance. I got the same one for Steb but haven't found it yet ... Julie was sweet enough not to get mad at me as I was very late at sending her package. Merci Julie et encore une fois, désolée pour ce grand retard. is having a serie of holiday pictures:

Yesterday, Steb didn't take a nap, that's why his day ended up this way :

And to finish, my fuchsia:


LoriRay said...

I really enjoyed looking at your pictures -- such great smiles! Also, your fuschia is coming along really nicely. Very pretty! :)

Anonymous said...

Your children are adorable. Books are so fabulous, what a great idea for a swap.

Poor tired Steb. I feel like that at the end of the day too. :)

Anonymous said...

J'ai été gatée par Emmyne moi aussi lors du swap sylvestre ;-)

De bien jolis echanges :-)

Anonymous said...

Oups j'avais mal lu ton message, ce n'est pas Emmyne qui t'a gatée mais Juliette :-o

mainely stitching said...

A book swap is such a neat idea! Love seeing the pictures of your kids. :D

Carla said...

Que bueno que estes nuevamente "online" :) Tu casa se ve muy bonita y espero que cuando renten la casa de a lado tengas unos buenos vecinos :)
Tu pieza de Lanarte esta quedando ve que a pesar de la mudanza tuviste tiempo para bordar!!
Feliz Navidad!!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Keep going with that Fuscha its gorgeous!!!

Anonymous said...

Très joli paquet que je découvre en retard...Merci de ta participation à ce swap, et merci pour ces belles photos.

Anonymous said...

Once Again, an excellent choice you made ! Leaving the day after for a 12hrs long drive along France, I could hear Prems laughing aloud reading the "motordu" book !

Do your kids actually READ in english ?? and how comes ??

By the way, coming back home, I realize that I just can't find your card and adress... Would you care giving me you adress again by mail ?

Much thanks in advance and a HAppy New Year to you all !!

(Au fait, in your most recent post, you mention your son illness. I was deeply moved, especielly as a dear friend of us is the mum of an 11 yrs old Pierre, who is currently doing well after leukemia 5yrs ago... the coïncidence was some shock ! a nice thought to them both ! )

Pumpkin said...

A book swap sounds like fun :o)

Poor Steb. I'd love to konk out like that. LOL!