Saturday, September 20, 2008


Classic saturday: get up early to drop Pierre off to school then Chuy goes to driving school (his american driving license is not valid here ) and at 11.40 I pretend I am a taxi driver by picking Chuy up from the driving school and Pierre at school. Today, we decided to eat fast food with the kids. I was ordering when I told the guy: '"eh! I recognize you: you used to work at the other fast food" (close to home!) That's when I swallowed my chewing gum I don't know how it happened: it's like an inside vaccum cleaner decided to clean my mouth and seconds later, the gum was in my stomach ... I asked the guy for a cup of water because l didn't want to die in a fast food restaurant (well, maybe my kids would have gotten free meals for life )

After lunch we headed to get the kids new glasses: it was not easy to choose Pierre's glasses as most of them are rectangular which doesn't go too much with Pierre's face. I didn't like the sale person who was staying next to us all the time. At one point, she even told us that Pierre will grow and that those huge glasses will eventually fit him So at one moment, I told her we will take our time and when we chose, I took advantage that she was busy with a lady to ask a man for help I don't know if they get a bonus by the number of clients they attend, but I don't care ... The guy was nicer and less pushy

Look at my third butterfly:

And detail:

I'm still so I'm going to stay warm at home (even though the weather is nice )

If you like beautiful things, check
this beauty on Ebay. It is sold for charity.

Have a good week end !!!


Andie said...

Hiya Mrs Taxi driver please take me to France :D I hate pushy salespeople too! Your butterfly is beautiful just like the rest of the stitching. The charity auction is WOW! *hugs*

Daffycat said...

I am going to take a chance and leave a comment but don't you dare give me your cold. I hope you feel better soon!

I love that last butterfly! This is such a beautiful design.

My late grandma would have asked what you were doing chewing gum in public? lol! I hate it when I do that...and yet pills won't go down. Why?

Pumpkin said...

I don't blame you for going with someone else. I dislike pushy people too. You're making an important purchase.

Your butterflies are gorgeous! You must be close to being done this one :o)

Anonymous said...

Oh I can't stand pushy sales people, they usually push me right out the door of the shop without buying anything.

Glad you didn't choke on the chewing gum :grin:

Tammy said...

Sounds like a nice family day.

I don't blame you for switching out sales people. I dislike pushy sales people.

Your stitching is looking lovely.

Windy said...

Wow the Ebay thing is soo beautiful!!!!!!!

Windy said...

The gum thing is hilarious! Glad you didn't die in a fast food restaurant or else all your loved ones would have thought you always ate so bad!