Monday, September 15, 2008

Already monday ?

Windy asked me how many pieces I have on my walls: well, I don't have any ... See, I don't know how to frame myself and profesionally framed pieces can be very expensive so I don't do it ... I know it sounds silly to stitch and do nothing with the finished pieces but I really enjoy stitching! It relaxes me a lot and I love it. I don't think I'd like to have a lot of things on my walls but a little bit will be fine, especially at christmas time.

By the way, I updated the
cross stitch galleries blog . If you could spread the news, that would be very nice !!! Thanks !!!

I made slow progress this sunday: I didn't finish the butterfly like I wanted to.


By the way, I did get some awards and I did write a list of who gave it to me ( I lost it ... sorry) so I want to thank you for giving me the awards. It really feel good to get one !

About yesterday unusual rainbow. Velda gave me an explanation: it's a rare phenomenon created by light shining thru ice crystals high in the atmosphere. When we were looking at it, Pierre told me : " it's here because it means I love you" Isn't it sweet ?


Meari said...

What? All those beautiful pieces and you don't have *any* of them on the wall? Do you know I have a tutorial on framing in the How To section of my blog? Try it :D Your gorgeous pieces deserve to be seen!

Velda said...

I definately like Pierre's explanation better ;)

Ranae said...

I agree with Meari, you should display your beautiful pieces.
Your Lanarte is looking great.

Pumpkin said...

It is expensive Chiloe, I agree. I only started really framing my pieces when we moved here 7 years ago. I still have LOTS sitting in a drawer though. Maybe you should try to lace one yourself :o)

I love the details on the butterfly! Your stitching is just beautiful.

Oh neat! Thanks for posting the explanation :o)

Carla said...

bueno tendre que agradecer el hecho de que aca el enmarcado no es taaaan caro :) y si voy con mamà es mucho mejor pues es experta en pedir rebajas ;) jiji
muy linda la explicacion que te dio Pierre del arco iris :)

Tammy said...

I have alot of unfinished pieces too! Don't feel bad!

Unknown said...

i am really liking this so far i have never stitched a lanarte but i am planning to get one soon as it would something different for me :) keep it up chiloe :)

Mel said...

I'm sort of the same. I only have 2 pieces framed and 1 on my walls as the other I am still finishing the backing on.
The rest of my stitching is away. Framing professionally is really expensive.

Lovely stitching!

Windy said...

I know it is expensive! I framed the one my cousin did for me and it cost me 150 and that was 50 percent off!!!!!!!!!!!Can't believe it!!!!I am so sure you could do it yourself if you really wanted too. So many people love to get cross stitch as gifts. Do you give yours as gifts to people?

Veronica said...

I'm surprised... no stitch pieces on your wall? o.O Then again, neither do I. The pieces I've framed have always been gifts.

Aww... Pierre's comment just made my heart melt.

Sally said...

Your Lanarte piece is looking beautiful.

I love Pierre's comment on the rainbow. What a sweet son you have:)

Would you like my stitching album link for your gallery? It's

Unknown said...

I have a lot of unframed pieces too. And the one's I do have framed were christmas gifts to myself. LOL Some I have framed myself, tho they don't look perfect least they are on display.

Your WIP is looking great. Love the little bird.

sugardoll said...

I didn't have anything hanging for a long time as well, I just kept stitching, rolling them up when done and then starting another project LOL. It was actually Andie who gave me the courage to try and mount the piece myself. And I just framed more and more from there on.

Your stitching looks neat. My sister stitches the same way, right over left. She is left handed, but can also be right handed if she wants to. Cute butterfly.

Also the beach pics looks so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Awww Pierre is so sweet.

Your stitching is progressing amazingly well.