Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back to school 2

There we go: everybody is officially a student and I'm officially home alone during school time! Believe it or not, I felt lonely today (I guess I'm the only who was not ready for back to school !!! ) Steb did great: he went only half a day. At first, he didn't want me to leave but I explained that moms and dads could not stay in the classroom (I know, that's not fair ) I took him to see the puzzle area but there were too many kids so we went to the farm area instead. I told I will leave and he said no! He played a little more and was ready for me to leave him there. At lunch time, the teacher told me everything went well and that he cried only one time: at recess time, when Emma went to see him : he wanted to leave with her She told me he's a very nice and quiet kid. Of course, he's nice: he has my genes She even told Emma he was the nicest child today

Emma was not very happy to go back to school as she is not in the same class as her friends. She's very disapointed and I don't like her teacher either: she's the director of the school but she doesn't care much for her class ... I may put her in another school next year ...

Pierre second day of school went fine too but they had a lot of fun games for the kids today (see, it's an experimental school: they make the kids believe they won't have to study ) They went to picnic at the park and of course, Pierre didn't eat: just a piece of bread and a cookie I knew it ... Thanks god he has some fat to keep it warm around the waist Anyway, he still comes out of the building with a big grin on his face And I have an apointment with the main teacher on thrusday or friday (I choose) to discuss Pierre's issues: leukemia, hyper sensibilty to pain (always hard to believe) and learning problems. Then she will spead the news around the other teachers. (even though they should know about it: we told them in our interview back in may.)

My neighbor's life:

Some neighbors are, how could I say that? Creepy? Weird? Disturbing? I got a phone call at 11 am from the boyfriend of my neighbor ! I don't even know the guy! ( I just saw him a couple of times ... ) It told me: "please, go knock the door of my girlfriend, I need to speak to her. Don't hesitate and insist as she's sleeping. And tell her to call me back" So some crazy thoughts went to my mind: he's planning to kill her and as soon as I'll ring the bell, the appartment will explode. He killed her and wants me to discover the body ... They broke up and she doesn't want to have anything to do with him ... But I went anyway and she was hard to wake up ... The dog on the other side of the alley was wide awake and was making music to help me becoming the most hated neighbors of the whole floor ... Then when the lady finally woke up after several knocks on the door, she couldn't believe it either (see, I do have something in common with my neighbors ) She asked me: " my boyfriend?" I replied "well, I don't know how many boyfriends you have but this one knows you have twins girls so he must be pretty intimate with you " (note from the editor: I almost said that .... ) She told me she'll have a conversation with him : I just hope she will find out how this creepy guy got my name AND phone number because I, I don't even know the name of my neighbors (maybe he saw our name on the mailbox but if he did, I still find it creepy that he does remembers it .... ) With Chuy, we give them nicknames: "la chiquita" = the nice short lady; "the drunk guy" (no explaination needed) , the twins mother (I'm sure you recognize her ) I just hope we can move from this place someday (at least before our neighbors give us some nicknames of their own: you know the old couple: the one that got stuck in that complex

Sorry no stitching update today as I couldn't stitch last night: I was busy checking all the supplies for back to school. But there is a good news: tonight is MY night !!! Please, come back tomorrow for an update


Pumpkin said...

Glad to hear that the kiddies did well with going back to school :o)

I'm sorry, but that would TOTALLY freak me out! Yes, how did he get your name AND phone number???? I would have asked him.

Windy said...

Ok that's creepy! I have some weirdly annoying neighbors too! One is a rental next door and the landlord found me and asked me to call him if I see anything "suspicious", I am thinking what am I the FBI now???????

Felicity said...

So now that EVERYONE is at school, what are you going to do with your 'spare' time?

Fortunately, I have fabulous neighbours. We only have 4 houses in the street, so we all watch out for each other without being nosey.

I'm still not stitching, but enjoying catching up with others' blogs.

Meari said...

Yikes... as I was reading about the neighbor's "BF", I thought "HOW did he get your number if you don't know her?" That's very scary and disturbing. LOL, I certainly wouldn't have gone over and knocked on her door either. You're a brave one. ;-)

Glad the kiddos are adjusting well to school.

Lori said...

I agree with the other comments... very disturbing fellow on the phone.

I hope you're not offended that I was chuckling at how you wrote that. I found your story and descriptions funny.

About you wanting to move out...there are always crazy neigbours in the next place you move, LOL. Mine mows his lawn during thunder and lightning storms!

Very glad your kids are happy at school. You will adjust to all that "me time"... I sure did :o)

Sally said...

My girls are back at school today and I am feeling very lonely too. I have cried today ( I did yesterday and the day before too!).

Oh now that about your neighbours sounds weird. We've just new neighbours and let's just say they are not the kind of neighbours you'd want to have. So much so that I want to move but it's just not possible as we can't afford to sell our house and buy another one.

Mel said...

Thats really creepy that he got your name and number. I would be a little worried. Might be totally innocent too though but you can never be too careful.

Unknown said...

totally creepy. I'd probably change my number lol. You don't know your neighbors? Who do you borrow a cup of sugar from? My neighbors all know me as the "loud mother that won't let her kid play in the dirt" LOL

Anonymous said...

I'm glad every has had a good start to school.

Must be very strange having so much time to yourself.