Saturday, September 6, 2008

Biker day

Since 2006, our local Harley Davidson chapter organize an event where cancer kids get to ride a motorcycle. We went there in 2006 but couldn't attend the event last year as Chuy's family from Texas was here. Today was the day and I was afraid the weather was not going to collaborate but once again, we got lucky: no rain but a lot of wind ... Here are some pics of the afternoon:
One man has sleigh dogs and Emma enjoyed petting them a lot

Pierre enjoyed listenning to the music in the store:

Then it was time for the rides. First Pierre was very happy to go for a ride then he suddendly decided he didn't want to ride anymore (he didn't seem to be scared but was moody for I don't know what reason ... ) That's when you wonder why for some kids everything goes always so smoothly Emma) and why for others, everything is ALWAYS so complicated (Pierre) ??? ...

Emma and Steb got to drive in a Porsche (the car I use only to go to the grocery store and I use the Rolls with my personal driver to pick up the kids at school ) My princess in her luxury car:

Then it was time to take official pictures:

Emma is always so at ease everywhere.

She really wanted to ride in that sleigh so she waited on line and was lucky to get the last ride (as the dogs were tired). I snapped this good picture of her (she now has to wear her glasses everyday. I personnaly think she's cutter without them but her sight is more important.)

Ready to go:

What Pierre really wanted was to ride in this little red jewel:

He didn't want a grey Porsche, he wanted a Corvette

But he had to wait a long long time before to get in his dream car as many kids had the same idea. Emma who, at first, didn't want to ride on a motorcycle (even though she did it 2 years ago) decided it was time to try again:

No, she didn't leave the house with pink lipstick, she was born with pink lips With her personal biker:

My camera shy boy decided it would be great to play with the camera like a naughty super model:

That boy is too funny (he hates having his picture taken which is awful for the family photographer (me!) He really cracks me up: he has a good sense of humor and we can't help loving him more everyday.

Pierre's moment finally arrived: a ride in his dream car !!!

He said, the guy went really fast and of course, Pierre enjoyed every minute of it !!!

They even got a little gift each: a little barking dog Harley Davidson of course A collectible !

Thanks to the Harley Davidson chapter for such a great afternoon !!!
I kept stitching on my flowers last night to try to forget. Of course, it was mission impossible ... Thanks again for your support. I wish I could be a stronger person but I'm only a weak person who gets too emotional ... Here is the pic:


Anonymous said...

Looks like a wonderful family day full of great memories, what a joy!

Debbie said...

Hi Chiloe! Thanks for stopping by Blog Around the World. You are all linked up under France. Check in daily to see where in the world we are headed. I will be spotlighting international bloggers, so stay tuned!

mainely stitching said...

Thanks for a great post. I love it when bikers get good press - so many bikers are such great people and do so many good things. (My mom used to ride a Harley.)

I'm glad Pierre and the rest of the family had such a great day. The pictures are FABULOUS!!!

Velda said...

Looks like a fantastic day! Bravo!

Lori said...

Those pictures are really good, mommy photographer! Looks like you guys had alot of fun and maybe your tears have dried some because of it. :o)

Stitch by stitch, your project is getting there.

Unknown said...

Hi Chiloe, what a wonderful event! It looks like a fun time was had by all. HD is so awesome~we just celebrated their 105th birthday with them, last weekend. Including a huge parade.

Your flower progress is just beautiful...can just about smell those little pretties!

Happy stitching

Stitchingranny said...

Your daughter is a very pretty girl with or without the glasses.

Pumpkin said...

What a FANTASTIC day for the children!!!! WOW! Your kids are so beautiful Chiloe. You are very lucky :o)

That was awfully nice of HD to do such a thing and the dogs are too cute!

It's understandable for you to be emotional my friend. Keep stitching to soothe your mind :o)

Anonymous said...

Ca a du plaire aux garçons, mais le sourire d'Emma sur la moto est superbe aussi.

Anonymous said...

Some amazing photos there Chiloe. Your children are just adorable, they must have gotten the good looks gene from their parents :grin:

What a great thing the Harley Davidson people do. That would be a real lift to the spirits getting a ride on any of those vehicles.

Windy said...

what a fun day for all of you!!!!The kids had a blast. What about pics of you & Chuy????????

sugardoll said...

Looks so much fun. Your kiddies all have happy smiles!!

Love the dog collection.