Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy ???

It should be the day of the but I don't feel like it even though I do have a happy dance. The colors with the camera are very close to what they are in real ! I even took some close up for you to see the details.

I know nobody cares but I feel very down today. Pierre's homeworks are still a disaster. He has so much troubles with abstraction that it is hard for him to understand when the sea is salty, why the icebergs are not, and so on ... And I can't find the right balance between not putting pression on him because of his leucemia and getting the things done ... I'm probably not the right mom for him ...


Kendra said...

Very nice finish!

As for Pierre...can you maybe find him a tutor? I know here a lot of former/retired teachers serve as tutors. And they often have special little tricks that can help kids understand things. Not saying that parents can't teach their own kids, but sometimes hearing the same information from someone who's not Mom or Dad can make a difference.

I'm sorry you're having difficulties with this. Hopefully you'll be able to find a solution that works for everyone!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely finish, it brightens the day!

I hope you feel better.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations for your finish. It is adorable! Don't feel sad - you are the best mom for your kids!!!

Srinity said...

Your stitching looks absolutely beautiful!

I send you some hugs and strenght to find the way to help Pierre.

Unknown said...

Congrats! Your finish looks great! I'm sorry about your troubles with Pierre, I am having some troubles myself with my first grader but yours truly sound worse. I do hope they get better.

mainely stitching said...

Aw, Chiloe, you know all moms have that feeling sometimes (that we are not the right mother for our children). You're doing so much - too much, perhaps. I see that someone else has suggested what I was thinking: A tutor. I think you need to give yourself some distance, and I wouldn't be surprised but if Pierre listens better to a tutor simply because it is a "different" person.

Congratulations on your finish. It really is very lovely!

Ginnie said...

Lovely stitching, it looks fab.
I'm sure you are the right mom for your son, we all feel like that at times. May be worth looking into tutoring if you feel you can't do it yourself. Less stress!

Anonymous said...

Of course we care Chiloe!!! (((((Hugs)))))

Pierre will get there and you're being a fantastic mom. You help him so much. He wouldn't have got as far as he has without you're extra help with his homeworks. I hope I have as much patience with Riley when he starts with the homework.

Andie said...

*big hugs*!!! Of course your are the perfect Mum for Pierre, otherwise you wouldn't be worrying about not being a good enough Mum for him! {{{{hugs}}}} I also think a tutor would be good. Give yourself a little bit of distance from his school work so you can go back to being Mum :D *hugs*

Faith Ann said...

Beautiful project!

I'm sorry you're feeling down. It is frustrating when you can't clarify something for your child. I can certainly understand how it would be difficult to put the same amount of pressure on him.

I think the fact that you are concerned about these things shows that you are *definitely* the right mom for Pierre. You care and want to do the best for him. {{{hugs}}}

Mel said...

Judging by all the comments there are lots of people who care.
(((HUGS))) I hope it gets better. Persistance pays off and so does patience. It's not the same thing but my DH has a lerning difficulty. While he is brilliant at what he does it's sometimes the simplest things that can confuse him. Things like reading and writing are hard for him but I persist and I tell ya when he uses a word i've taught him, as in uses is the right way and pronounces it right I am so proud of him.
By the way, your finish looks amazing, well done!

Veronica said...

First off, Chiloe, I do care. I'm sorry to hear about the problems you're facing with Pierre. I'm not yet a mother so I can't give you any advice but I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Congrats on the beautiful stitching. I can't believe you've finished it already. Your needles are definitely smoking. So once again, I'll ask, what's next? ^.^

Anonymous said...

Et bien ma belle , tu ne peux pas dire ça !!! Tu es une maman extra , tu te donnes à fond pour tes petits , courage ma belle .
Très beau ton Lanarte .

Anonymous said...

People do care hon! I know I do.
Sending you much love,

Anonymous said...


I'm so sorry you are having problems with Pierre's homework.

I know some schools over here use Peer Mentors for homework help. Children who are in the same class and doing well. They make sure to pick a compassionate child also. Might that help?

I hope when you get a chance to talk to Pierres teacher about the homework struggles that he / she might have some constructive ways to help.

So sorry you are having these troubles.

I love your stitching it looks beautiful.

Carla said...

Felicitaciones pro haber terminado el Lanarte esta hermoso!!!
No te sientas mal por las dificultades de Pierre en la escuela, tal vez debas buscar algun tipo de tutor en la escuela que lo ayude con las tareas.

Pumpkin said...

Oh Chiloe, you are a perfect mother. I can only imagine what it's like to have a child with special needs like Pierre and I'm sure you're doing the best that you know how. ((((HUGS))))

Your finish is just gorgeous and I can't believe that you've completed it already!!!!

Tammy said...

Of course I (we) care that you're feeling down. That's what friends do. They care!

I'm sorry you're struggling with Pierre's homework. You've been offered some great advice. I think it is a great to see if Pierre's teachers have some ideas that can help you help him.

Your finish is stunning. Congrats on finishing such a gorgeous piece.

Sending big hugs.

Sally said...

Chiloe I'm sorry to hear you're feeling down. All us mums feel that was sometimes ( like we're not a good mum) but I am sure you are doing what you can and doing your best. It's not always easy helping the kids with their homework especially when things are so different from when we were at school. I remember trying to help my eldest with her Maths once and having no understanding of how they do the working out now. I do hope things get better for you and you're feeling brighter today but sending lots of hugs your way anyway. As someone else suggested could you have a word with Pierre's teacher?

Your finish is absolutely beautiful:)

Lennu said...

Oh I'm so sorry to read this! I hope you'll find some kind of solution for Pierre's problems. At least I'm sure you definitely are the best mother for Pierre :)

Your stitching looks beautiful, congratulations!!

Ranae said...

Chiloe, Chiloe, you are a fabulous mom I am sure. I am sorry you feel so down, believe me there are alot of years coming up and you have to fight your way out of the hole sometimes, be strong! hun!
I love your finish, it is so awesome, Congrats!

Windy said...

You are a great mom! However, we all cannot be good at every subject. As long as he passes then that is all that matters. What is important is his health.
This is coming from a teacher!

sugardoll said...

Congratulations. That is a fab finish!

Meari said...

Awww.. I know I'm a few days late on this... but you're exactly the *right* Mom for him. ((hugs)) And yes, we care (at least I do) when you're down. I hope things are a bit better now.

I love your finish... It's SO pretty! You make me envious with all your finishes.

Anonymous said...

Tout simplement Su-per-be ! Quel beu travail, bravo !

Anonymous said...

(((Chiloe))) Sorry you were feeling down (and sorry I didn't read this post sooner!). Being a parent can be such a challenge; I'm sure everything will turn out okay, just hang in there!

And congrats on your finish! I think your new gold rush piece is great. :)