Thursday, June 5, 2008

What do you have in your spam box?

Saturday june 7 th 2008

First my spam box think I am a man and therefore I need to expand my manhood ... It also think I need to "be the best lover in my life". For that, I get a lot of offers from "online drugstore". They have "the pill to make me larger" He !!!! I'm trying to loose weight here : what do they mean they want me to be larger ... With this pill, I should "rise to the occasion" so
" my manhood should never be in doubt" What a program ladies !!! And if after that, I'm hungry, I can buy "year round tomatoes". I don't open any spam message so I don't know what could be hidden in "year round tomatoes" !!! So what do you get in your spam/junk boxes?

Today was the school party. We got lucky: no rain which is great as the previous days were wet and cold ... What month is it by the way? ... I feel there is less and less people who come to this yearly party. There were plenty of games for the kids to have fun. The goal is to raise money for the school.The children had also choir in the late morning but it was the same songs we heard when they had the open doors event in march or april. (a little disappointing ... )

The tadpoles are not anymore : they became frogs !!!!!!!! They even tried to escape the fish bowl so my mom put them in a plastic container with an old curtain on it so they don't escape. My dad is going to bring them to one of his friend who has a pond in her land that got polluted by chemicals some years ago. Thanks to my kids, she's hoping to give back life to her pond.

Don't they look happy in their blue swimming pool?

I didn't stitch last night because I had a migraine so I'm showing you thursday night progress:

I really concentrate on the door this time and try to stitch a little bit green also ( just for the fun of it )

Tomorrow, Chuy will help my dad all day long so I'm going to be alone with the 3 little ones. I don't know what I'm going to do besides taking them to eat fast food. (I'm such a good mom )

Hope you all have a good sunday


mainely stitching said...

I get a pretty steady stream of male-enhancing product spam, too. LOL.

Love those teeny frogs!

Lori said...

Just curious as to what you are feeding the froggies.

Hope they will like their new home in the country.

Anonymous said...

I don't get much spam thanks to the good spam blocking software of my internet service provider. What I do get is Spam comments on my blog which are all blocked thankfully - mostly for car and house loans.

The little froggies are so cute.

Anonymous said...

And don't forget your next design choice should be small and not have any green. :-)

Faith Ann said...

The little frogs are cute!

LOL. DS thinks I am the BEST mom when I take him for fast food.

It's funny, I don't get much spam in my personal accounts, but I get a *ton* through my work account. It's so annoying.

Tammy said...

I have been getting insane amounts of spam lately. Drive me crazy!

The frogs are awesome and the school fun day sounds like a blast. Too bad attendance is down.

Love your stitching, as usual.

Windy said...

The frigs are so cute1 I dont' get alot of Spam b/c my blocker but my husband gets the dirties ones at his work no less. They say things like Two Hot Naked Women...I said "I know you aren't opening these up are U?"

Anonymous said...

I do get such male enhancing spam too. As long as it stays in my spam folders no problem, just ignore.

UUhhh, your country home is coming along nicely. The topiary at the back of the door is so pretty and looks real... see, green is not bad at all.