Wednesday, June 18, 2008

How it went ....

It went great!!!! Chuy came with me and it was necessary as Chuy was holding his head and ear and I was holding the container beneath his ear. The doctor was pouring lukewarm water in his ear. Nothing was really going out. The doc even asked me if I really put the drops like he asked to When he almost gave up, Steb cried a little bit and here was the plug !!! The doctor said he probably had this plug for a while and it was very dry (that's why it was hard to take it out ...). On the right ear, things went pretty smothly and the plug was out very fast. I'm glad we did it. Pierre was a real trooper and didn't cry , except when the first plug went out. He's the only one of the 3 kids who is not that sensitive to pain he sometimes falls without any cry.

Here is my new picture of my Lanarte (just a close up of the roof where I am working right now.) Doesn't seem much to me but I still have to stitch a lot of green ... Fun, fun, fun

Look what happen when there is no TV in the house:

Three perfect kids playing together without fighting (until next time ... )

Today was Emma last music class !!! She still has her violin class next wednesday and her audition. She's going to play with another little girl. The violin teacher told me again that Emma is talented. Of course, it makes me happy but honestly, me, who has to listen her when she pratices, I don't really think that. It's even kind of weird to think I could have a talented kid in a field where I have absolutly no talent ... She still need to concentrate a little more though. The teacher told me it's like she doesn't realize yet that it's her who makes the sounds.


Aussie Stitcher said...

Glad that all went well with Steb and his ears.
I cannot believe the detail in the Lanarte piece, that wisteria looks amazing.

mainely stitching said...

Kids playing without fighting - it's like a little slice of heaven, isn't it? ;)

Glad the ear experience was positive!

Anonymous said...

So glad things went well at the doctors. It always helps to have another pair of hands at these things.

Your children are so adorable, isn't it amazing how well they can play together sometimes (and how much they fight at others :grin:).

Love the Lanarte, the detail on the roof is amazing. So much hard work. Should all be worth it at the end.

Remember next time choose something smaller with no green :Big Grin:

Sally said...

So pleased it went well at the doctors:)

Your Lanarte is looking stunning:)

Unknown said...

what a little trooper, not to cry at the doctors. Did you buy him ice cream for being so good? That what my parents used to do for us. LOL

Your lanarte is looking great.

Anonymous said...

Your Lan is looking fab. Look at those flowers and birds, very nice!

Kids are so cute.

Dawn T. said...

I am so glad the visit went okay! Give him a big hug from me for being such a big boy. :)

Mac has to have the same thing done about twice a year.

Felicity said...

My kids didn't have television during their childhood. Would you believe that in the 80s & 90s there were places that still didn't have comercial TV. Now in their mid to late 20s, the kids still don't own a television set of their own. They always found stuff to do. They always did well at schoo. They always went to bed at a reasonable house. It makes all the difference to life in general.

Nowadays, The MOTH & I have a TV, but when he's away, it still doesn't go on.

Pumpkin said...

Okay, that doesn't seem like fun at all! No wonder they cried :o(

No tv and they all have smiles on their faces???? That's pretty good ;o)