Tuesday, June 17, 2008

June ? It's pinata season !!!

At least at our house Emma's birthday is on july 8 th and she's going to have her birthday party on july 5 th. This year, Chuy has already started to make them (usually he's late ... ). Emma helped a little bit. You won't believe what she chose this year : Pikachu from the Pokemon and a . I think the Pokemon is going to be a little hard to make ...

I'm glad you all liked my idea to all go on a cruise !!! That would be a wonderful way to spend money And of course, if you read my blog, you'll be invited to join the fun !!!

I'm still stitching my Lanarte ... I am NOT a QUITTER just a whiner It's such a pain to stitch those scattered stitches: I even get lost looking at my chart. I never know where I am on the roof ... No pictures or you'll get bored.

Here are some states I've visited. I really need to visit the east coast one day !!! Show yours
Make yours @ BigHugeLabs.com

Tomorrow, I have my appointment with our family doctor for Steb. I put the drops as the doc asked and I hope he'll manage to get all the ear wax out of there We'll see if Steb will let him do it ... Chuy will come with me to help holding him. (He's almost 33 lbs / 15 kg ) Dawn, it's the first time Esteban will have his ear cleaned ... I hope it goes well.


Lillie said...

Chiloe, you had a wonderful blog and great photos. I loved reading about the kids too. I have 2 and both differs in characaters. Your Lanarte piece is fabulous.

Oh! I hope Steb is feeling better now. Thank you for visiting me and leaving me your comment.

Aussie Stitcher said...

Hope all goes well with the doctors appointment for Steb. I so love the idea of a cruise for stitchers, what bliss.

mainely stitching said...

Good luck with the upcoming doctor's appointment and birthday party! And of course with your Lanarte!

Veronica said...

Chiloe, I'll never be bored with your pictures.

That's more states than I've visited. Then again, I've yet to visit USA... ^.^

Hope everything goes well with Steb tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I hate scattered stitch!!!!

I'm never get bored with your wonderful blog, I love to see your stitching progress.
Good luck for Esteban's ear wax.

Velda said...

your kids are so cute!

My map is up :)

Pumpkin said...

Oh pinatas will be fun!

Wow, you've really seen a lot of the west coast. I'm just the opposite of you.