Sunday, June 8, 2008

Mosaic maker?

I'm trying to use the mosaic maker by flickr but as you can see I'm really bad at it ...

Image hosted @
If someone know why my pictures are soooooooo small , please help !!!!!!!!!


Lori said...

I have no experience with flicker... only picassa.

When I click your pictures, I see 6pictures at once, and it's blurry.

Almost like each photo was a mosaic.

Probably doesn't help much, sorry. :o(

Anonymous said...

When I used it the images looked okay in the mosaic program but were tiny when I posted them to my blog.

I tried saving the mosaic image to my desktop straight from the mosaic program. But it was still small.

In the end I saved the image using the snipping tool in windows vista which allows you to select an area of your computer screen and save it as an image. Similar to pressing 'ctrl' and 'prtscn' (print screen) buttons on your keyboard at the same time in the old windows software.

Once I had saved the image like that I was able to load it up in the larger size straight to my blog.

Sorry I can't be more help.

Anonymous said...

ps - the people at Aussie Bloggers are really helpful with problems like these.

You can join the forum (don't have to be Australian to join) and ask there -

Unknown said...

Sorry, I'm no help. Just wanted to wish you luck.

Carmen said...

uf sorry,,i use the, i make the presentation and then i copy the html code to put in the blog.

i dont know how to use the flick mosaic.

Windy said...

My aunt uses Picasa for her mosaics. You may try their site instead.

Anonymous said...

Je fais mes mosaiques avec ce site.
Pour avoir un beau résultat il faut que tes photos ai une très très bonne résolution ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hope you have not fallen off the face of the internet due to Mosaic stress.

I've tagged you for a meme -see my blog for details.