Saturday, March 1, 2008

Saturday !!!

I didn't give up on my little boy ! Aren't you proud of me? I made good progress I even did a bigger scan to show you the whole piece (and hide the details of the messed face )

Now, I'm left with the easy part: the GREEN tree . I don't know how I will survive in that sea of greens I'll need your support or I'll sink

Two or three days ago, I took a picture of my opalescent fabric (let's hope the picture will be clickable !!!) I love my winter skye fabric

I hope you can click to see it full screen.

Yesterday was a busy day. We met a friend and her daughter to eat out (fast food of course ) then we went to the park so the kids can play more. Esteban didn't take his nap and by 6.30 pm, this is what we saw:

Emma tried to wake him up and after several tries, he opened his eyes. She asked him if he wanted to sleep on the couch. He agreed and Pierre brought him his pillow and Emma a blanket. It was so cute to see them taking care of their little brother Suddendly I had 3 little lambs

I woke him up to give him a bottle. He was so tired I had to hold the bottle. While he was drinking, he was holding my thumb: he used to do that when he was a "baby ". He went back to bed and woke up this morning at 9.00 !!!

Steb is really growing! Today he drew a protrait of his mommy:

I know I look a little but I guess the artist wanted to show the world how smart is his mom

And here is the artist with his work:

Not bad for a boy that haven't turned 3 yet


Anonymous said...

What a CUTIE!!!!!

Kendra said...

Ah, a MagnaDoodle! We're big fans of those around here...we have a big one for the house, plus a smaller one for my car, and my parents even have a couple smaller ones for their cars.

There have been many drawings of me on the MagnaDoodle...thankfully I don't look anything like the artist's representation. If I did, then I've have a lot more problems than I already do...LOL!

Kendra said...

Actually I should have said a DoodlePro...that's Fisher Price's version of the MagnaDoodle.

Ooops on my part! :-)

Carmen said...

congratulations for the progress in the face boy :D

the pictures are so cute...

Marita said...

Great artwork Steb!

The little boy is looking good and so is his face. Good luck with all the green :grin:

Dani - tkdchick said...

Yay Chiloe I'm so proud of you! That boy looks fantastic. And yoru son is a real charmer!

Stitchingranny said...

Lovely progress on both pics - and cute kids.

Selina said...

love your progress on both pics. Very lovely :)

You look really cute in your drawing ;) Well done :)

mainely stitching said...

If you made it through the over-one, you can make it through the green! ;)

Love the pics of Seb and hearing about his day and about his wonderfully caring big brother and sister. :D

Carla said...

ambas labores se ven muy bien!! que bueno que ya terminaste la cara del niño...ahora si suerte y mucha paciencia con los verdes del arbol ;)
me encanto tu retrato :P

Tammy said...

Look at you go! You boy, both boys, in fact, look adorable.

Marie said...

Steb est adorable !!
j'adore ta toile des bonhommes de neige... allez, courage pour le vert du sapin !
je suis contente.. je crois avoir résolu mon pb de connexion.... ouf !!

Anonymous said...

What a great picture. I love the way kids draw. :)

That cross-stitch looks rather complicated to me. :/ I'm a "simple" girl myself. :)

sugardoll said...

I giggled at what your son drew, it's so cute!!! The only thing my son knows how to draw so far are loco roco's (from a psp game). He knows how to write his abc's and number up to 20 and shapes though, since 2, he's 2yrs & 5 mos. now, awesome what TV can do LOL. but I haven't been one of his art interest yet, will have to see what i look like then LOL.

The progress on L&L is coming along really well, and fast if i may say. Unfortunately, we can't clicky your photo. You may have set it to center when u uploaded it, it always disables the clickable thingy. You can use "none" format next time and just center the picture yourself once its done uploading, you can click the pic itself and just use the centering option for paragraphs. Hope that makes sense and HTH!

Andie said...

Oh what a lovely wee man :) Your stitching is looking lovely! Love your snow family!!

Sally said...

Oh your little boy's face looks fantastic Chiloe! Well done for keeping going! Now to the tree so I'm cheering you on:)

Lovely photos of both your boys:)

Anonymous said...

wow le cerveau difforme ;) je comprends mieux pourquoi tu nous as pas mis ta photo ^^

Anonymous said...

You have all my support for the green tree.
Your son is not yet 3 but he is already an artist :)

Solstitches said...

Your stitching is beautiful and the children are so adorable.
Your little boy is quite the artist :)


Sachiko said...

Cutie pics!!