Saturday, March 22, 2008

It's winter !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you all for your birthday wishes to the big boy !!! We are going to celebrate it at my mom's house tomorrow (we will also celebrate her birthday - march 16 th - and easter )

I received my spring exchange organized on Blue's bulletin board yesterday. We had to choose a season and send some stitchy stuffs about that season. Here is what I got :

You can find what I got on my photo gallery (see on the sidebar ) Click on exchange. I took out the Rock you slide show because I was very annoyed by the music ...

Gayle was the ONLY one who noticed that my little snow boy lost his smile I guess everybody was mesmerized but the birthday boy I didn't stitch last night so you won't see any stitching progress but don't leave yet !!! I'm going to show you some stash

This one is bouquet of lilacs and peonies. I always loved that one but it was too expensive for me. Then Chuy got his bonus and offered it to me

I got that one on ebay ( I love the squirrel and the mushroom - yes, I did see the green ) :

And I got my Silkweaver fabric of the month:

I'll tell you tomorrow if I have time about Pierre's school day. I want to stitch now and it's all about white (so you know what I'll be stitching )


Carmen said...

oh my...i love the bouquet! is so beautiful!

hum,you stitching white?,,hum,,maybe a snowy family? :D

from a windy Madrid

Marita said...

Some fantastic stash there. I'm very envious.

Love the slideshow and music. :grin:

Dani - tkdchick said...

yoy got some lovely stuff!!!

Anonymous said...

ayé ça marche rock you, c'est chouette dis donc

Bisous à ton ptit

Sally said...

Very nice new stash Chiloe:)

Anonymous said...

LOVE the fabrics!!! lucky you!

what are you gonna do when your snow family is done??

start something new or *gasp* work on the green christmas tree! hahaha

Anonymous said...

Lovely stuff you got there.
Lan charts are always pretty.
Happy stashing away!

Marie said...

super ton montage sur rock you !! faudra que tu m'expliques.... c'est facile ??
alors... neige ou pas chez toi ?? rien du tout ici..

Unknown said...

What a great package of goodies! And I love your new charts. We must have the same taste. And I LOVE that Violet mist fabric. You can package it up and send it to me! LOL Hope you had a great Easter.