Friday, March 7, 2008

Carnival !!!!!!!!

Today was the day ! The kids had a lot of fun at school this afternoon. they even went around the neighborood to show off their costumes!

Emma in pink and one of her best friend:

Pierre, who is supposed to be Asterix:

Pierre didn't do really well at this party (like all the time there are a lot of kids actually ...) he had a moustache that didn't stick long enough to take a picture ... so when we arrived home, we had a lot of fun with it:

An hairy princess is looking for a charming prince :

Help!!!!!!! My baby is growing a moustache !!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to Marita, I now have the blog patrol on my blog. This little tool let you know how people arrived to your blog with the different search engines. So far, people didn't arrive here with the keyword "torture day". Some typed: leukomia, free ticker factory, Disneyland Paris but the one that keep me puzzled was: "chiloe raining "

We have a meeting at 8.00 this evening for Pierre next year school. It's kind of late but at least everybody who is interested can go. The kids will stay with my mom. I hope the meeting won't finish too late because Steb is really tired tonight ...

Ooops! I almost forgot to show you my progress:


mainely stitching said...

CUTE!!! :D

Marie said...

tes enfants sont très beaux ! enfin, steb on le voit souvent, les autres un peu moins.. attention aux ravages de ta fille plus tard..
belle avancée sur ton ouvrage...

Dani - tkdchick said...

Your kids are cute!!!

The family is coming along nicely.

Faith Ann said...

Awwwwww... great pictures of your children!!! They're so cute!

Marita said...

So glad BlogPatrol is working for you.

Cute pictures of the children - I love that moustache.

Snow family is looking good.

Carmen said...

cute pictures chiloe,i like specially the pictures of moustache :D
and your anow family every day is more great and nice

Anonymous said...

Nice photos of your children. They're all so cute.

Very nice progress too.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Love the mustaches!

sugardoll said...

What cute pictures. LOL @ the mustache pics.

Very nice progress.

Anonymous said...

Ils sont vraiment trop drole avec la moustache!