Thursday, March 6, 2008

Tomorrow is carnival !!!

At Pierre and Emma's school. See, there is not one date for the carnival. The carnival is either in febuary or march so the school choose their date. On tuesday, there was a note saying the carnival will be on friday. So as a parent you have two choices: either you are a fast seam mastress or you buy a costume. Well, that's what I tried to do today. And it was nearly mission impossible. One discount store (think Big Lots ) was remodeling and had already took out all the costumes. There are not a lot of places where we can cheap costumes so we ended up to a party stores. I was afraid the prices will be very high but I was wrong. I didn't find Emma's chinese costume though. She just wanted a costume so she's happy I found something (a pink dress). I found one for Pierre too I'll try to take pictures tomorrow.

I still stitch my snow family

I updated the blog I created for my SAL: Oh christmas tree . Drop us a comment if you visit us


Beatrice said...

good luck with the carnival. The family is going great. Very pretty.
Your little red lady is very nice too.

Sonda said...

Your snow family looks great and of course O Christmas Tree looks good so far, too. Don't let the green stop you!!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Keep gonig with that snow family!!!

Marita said...

Carnival sounds like fun. Great progress with the snow family.

Sally said...

Your snow family look fantastic Chiloe:)

Have fun at the carnival!

Carmen said...

the snow family look great.