Wednesday, November 14, 2007

White flowers

Can we see white flowers on a scan? Well not really. But this is what I have to stitch right now if I want to stitch my so loved vase It really look great in real! I still need to stitch more white, not my favorite but it's motivating to see I'm almost done with the main design. What I REALLY need to do it's to chase those confetti stitches that I left behind on my way to fun colors! I guess you want to see the pic?

I have some stash exciting news !!! First I got my FOTM package this morning. I was living to get Emma at her violin lesson when I saw the mail carrier. I was expected my package so I asked her if I had mail and she said no. I was leaving disappointed when she called me back! She checked in the wrong place. So I left with my package and opened it right away in the car !!! I'll take pictures tomorrow. Second exciting news: I found out in a forum, (thank you Blue ), that a designer that I am not too fond of, has a new release. And I fell in love I know what you're going to tell me: I'm such an easy girl who fell in love like others goes to the toilet Once again I want to make this clear: IT IS NOT MY FAULT ! I am just the vicitm of the designers who keep creating stunning designs ... I'll show you as soon as I'll get it! I'm already planning on starting right away !!! I have the perfect fabric for it (that smilie is not picking his nose, it tries to say shhhhhhhhh )And I'm also waiting for my kit !

Esteban is really growing (2 years and a half). He's now in his "WHY" stage. Two or three days ago, he asked "why it's not working?" First question and proud mother Now he's using the why whenever he needs it. He also gets out of the car by himself now. Oh! and he also fakes burps like a big boy I talked to the speech therapist this morning and she told me it's great the way he makes sentences (even though he doesn't pronounce everything well yet. ) Well, I don't want to brag too much about my baby (or is it too late? ) but I don't stop being amazed by his personality (wants to do everything by himself), his progress, his cuteness, by HIM! See Esteban is a surprised baby, we didn't plan for him to come with us (it was the wrong time, Pierre was having his treatment) But we don't regret anything even though it was very hard at the begining

challenged me: I have to show my stitching scissors. I feel someone is going to have a good laugh tomorrow Check her own scissors.


Anonymous said...

Those darned designers eh. Twisting our arms up our backs and making us buy more and more. It's just not on!

Looking forward to seeing your fabrics.

I think piccies of Esteban are in order ...

Marita said...

Amazing progress Chiloe, you have done so much in the 10days I've been away. Just fantastic to see the flowers coming to life.

Belated Happy Birthday also.

Carla said...

Muy buen porgreso Chiloe, esta quedando muy bonito!!!
Estare atenta a ver cuando nos muestras tus nuevas telas y el nuevo muero de curiosidad!

Heather said...

Your WIP is so pretty! I have enjoyed seeing it come to life :D

Barb said...

I love your WIP it is so pretty. It will be a beautiful piece when finished.

debijeanm said...

The white really sets off the other colors, doesn't it. Fabulous! I think you are smart to leave your "favorite" part to last. You will be more motivated to get it done with those lovely flowers done.

Please brag on your children as much as you like. First, be happy you have "braggable" children. Second, it gives the rest of us permission.

I got such a laugh from your friend's scissors. I must do that, too (although I'm not sure I can round them all up!)

Can't wait to see your new goodies if you get a chance. How much fun is that!

Beatrice said...

The white flowers are pretty! I did look in at the scissors .I look forward to seeing yours.

Anonymous said...

Your project looks great. Thank you for your stories you really make me smile =). Your smilies are so hilarious!

Anonymous said...

You are making fantastic progress - you've gotten so much done!

Looking forward to seeing your scissors and the fabric. :)