Thursday, November 15, 2007

Scissors and stash

This morning I went shopping with my mom. This christmas shopping had to be started even though I think it's too early. But if we don't do it now, some stuffs will be sold out before we know it ... It's every year the same story ! When I came home I had a good surprise in my mailbox:my new chart !!! So the copy is ready, the fabric is chosen ( a small rock a bye silkweaver fabric) and I just need to look for the threads. This is a Nimue chart called le papillon (the butterfly) I bought it here (great and fast service) Like I told you yesterday, I don't like everything they do but I fell in love with this little fairy girl Blue, this is all your fault

It has to be stitched on a 32 count on 1 over 2 but I'll do the classic 2 over 2. I will start it as soon as possible.

I also took a picture of my FOTM. This month I got Dusty blue 28 ct lugana and summer sunset 32 ct lugana (a light pink). I love the light pink.

So Blue tagged me to show my stitching scissors. For a long time now, I am seeing these beautiful and fancy scissors on the blogs I read. Well, fancy hasn't hit home yet And here are my scissors
I bought those a long time ago at Hobby Lobby There are not fancy but they cut well Of course, I really like the fancy one. Maybe one day, I'll buy a nice fancy scissors ...

: I forgot to tag my stitching buddies I'd like all of you show your scissors actually. I'm sure they are all more beautiful than mine Come on Missy, Marie, Barbibouille, Little cat, Marita, Cathy, Tammy, Barbara, Andie, Debijeanm, Dawn, sally, Maribel, Carla, Selina, Sweet pea, Hazel, Dieflyn, Ranae, Meari, Ciottina, Laural, Beatrice, Monique (and the ones I forgot ) don't be shy: show us your scissors!
(you have to imagine me saying that like the Cuba Gooding Jr in Jerry Maguire )

I stitched more white last night:

I'm almost there

Yesterday, I was bragging about Steb and his cuteness. Do you know what I found in my wash machine this morning while I was putting my clothes to dry? I could do a contest but I'm sure nobody will find it: I found the remote control for the DVD player Thanks god, I had washed the clothes last night (he probably put it this morning ...) and the remote control was just a little wet. I tested it : it's still working !


Anonymous said...

je ne vois pas la photo?

Jennifer said...

I don't have fancy stitching scissors either. In fact, mine look very similar to yours except they have a black handle instead of red.

Tammy said...

I love your new pattern. It is absolutely adorable. I can't wait to see your work on it.

Glad to hear the DVD remote survived.

Laural said...

That has to be one of the most adorable patterns ever!

I will get a picture of my scissors up soon!

Anonymous said...

I love your new chart! It's really adorable.

Marita said...

I love the chart, it is soooo cute.

Good progress on the vase.

Steb is adorable. Maybe he thought the DVD remote needed to be cleaned?

I've blogged about my stitching scissors.

mainely stitching said...

What a cute design!!! :D

Sally said...

Your new design is gorgeous! I can't wait to see your WIP on that one.

The flowers are looking so pretty:)

OK I will show my scissors soon! I love them!

debijeanm said...

I MUST have that chart, Chiloe! She's adorable and must live in my fairy-themed sewing room!

Problem is, I visited the site where you bought her and - quelle honte - I don't speak or read French. ABC Stitch Therapy carries some of that line but not that chart. Guess BabelFish and I will be busy this weekend, oui?

Thanks for sharing! Scissors tomorrow (if my attic doesn't eat me first.)

Carla said...

Que lindo!!!! quiero que lo empieces YA! Nunca antes lo habia visto, me encanta!!!

Oh dios... tengo que enseñar mis tijeras jeje pues solo tengo soy de la que coleccionan tijeras :P bueno a ver si me acuerdo de tomarle fotos a mis tijeritas :)