Monday, November 5, 2007

Wanna sing again?

Who said NOOOOOOOOOOOO ? I finished the second butterfly: looks better than the first one. I'm not done with the pruple flower but I'm close. Next to the purple flower, there is a white flower. I think I'll go back to the right part of the bouquet because I'm not very friend with whites lately Of course, I should stitch the vase but I don't fell like it ...

This piece is really beautiful and I have a lot of pleasure to stitch it !!!

We went to visit the baby girl of our brasilian friend who was born on october 26 th. Her name is Maya. I stitched the mouse for her. I should have stitched her name on my mouse but I cant find the chart Here is a picture of Emma, esteban and maya. Emma have a strange look on the picture but it's the baby's father who took the picture. I had forgotten my camera.


Unknown said...

Your vase of flowers is coming out pretty. And those children are adorable!

marsof81 said...

You work very quickly!! This is very nice!! Bye

Anonymous said...

Your piece is coming along nicely - you know you have to tackle the vase sooner or later, right? ;)

Love the pic of the kiddies. :)

Sally said...

This is coming along so nicely.

The pic of Esteban and Emma with Maya is lovely.

Carla said...

Chiloe no dejes todo el blanco y crema para el finaaal sino te vas a arrepentir :S
Linda la foto de tus pequeños con la bebe de tu amiga. Me gusta el nombre que eligieron :)