Sunday, November 18, 2007

Boring !!!

By the tittle, you probably understood that I am stitching the vase ... Beside boring, what can I write ? Don't want to do it? want to start the fairy NOW ? I hate it? I knew it was not a good idea to leave it for the end The bottom of the pattern is full of dark colors Anyway, I have some progress to show you.

Today was my parents 40 years wedding anniversary! 40 years together !!! They invited us for lunch and it was hard getting out of a warm appartment to go to the cold outside world It was 32° F (about 2° C), windy and the it started to rain (no snow so far ...) We didn't stay all the afternnon long and came home for Esteban's nap (and some stitching time for me ) I did not start the fairy: aren't you proud of me? So tomorrow, you will see more progress on that boring vase

you may have noticed christmas is around the corner and has taken over the store shelves. On saturday, I went to do some grocery shopping with my mom and we talked again about the Playmobil advent calendar that she buys every year to the kids. She told me they were sold out at the supermarket so we decided to go to Toys R Us (and thus to the crowded mall ) We did find a parking spot (after a while ) and headed to the busy store: no luck over there ... It was really busy: people had loads of toys in their carts Mid november and the christmas frenzy has started Seeing that, I got a feeling and told my mom we better go and check the supermarket to see if Emma's pet shops house was still available. (I had seen a huge mount on tuesday) Only 5 houses were left . The supermarket gives 12 euros back on their store card on that particular toy and I am aware it is a very popular toy among little girls this year. I didn't think more and grabbed my own huge box Still I feel christmas shopping should start only in december because I am not in the christmas mood yet... Yet, some people have already their christmas lights installed on their house Crazy ... but Esteban really enjoyed looking at all these blinking lights. He doesn't know it's too early to lit them up


mainely stitching said...

Congratulations on your parents' anniversary!!!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there with your x stitch I,m the same wanting to start something else but I know if I do I wont come back to mine. My 2 girls got the pet shop houses last year and they just love them. The little pet shops are so popular here in New Zealand.

Kendra said...

Ah, Littlest Pet Shop stuff. My older daughter (almost 5) has discovered Littlest Pet Shop critters and just loves them. She's getting quite a few of them for Christmas from various family.

debijeanm said...

Stick with that vase, Chiloe - you don't want to be like me with boxes of almost finished projects stashed away!

I had to laugh when you said you wanted to start the fairy. My first thought was, "Is there a fairy in the bouquet of flowers?"

Thank you again for your help with that chart. I wrote to ABC Stitch Therapy asking for her and they added her to their website right away. I ordered her today and she'll get here - eventually. I'm sure they order from France and hence a 3-5 week wait. And the price was breathtaking - $24 with shipping and insurance. I'm thinking the hollyhocks I started a while back. Lost interest when our new house design didn't have an upstairs guest room (which was going to have a hummingbird theme.) I'm thinking of finishing the hollyhocks but leaving out the bird and instead working the fairy in somehow.

Marita said...

I'm very glad all my Christmas shopping is over and done with.

I wish the decorations didn't go up so early though as the kids get all excited and have to wait forever for Christmas to actually arrive.