Sunday, May 6, 2007

A new picture .

Here is a picture of my last night stitching. I succeeded to finish the little paint and I started the flower bouquet under it. But I made a little mistake: I started close to the left bird and if I continue over there, I'll be short a 4 stitches and I'm afraid I'll ARRIVE ON the paint :o So I'll frog all I did close to the bird and continue where close to the paint.
I haven't been blogging since thrusday because I didn't have time at all: when I start a new class I have a lot of thing to prepare. The teacher took 2 weeks of sick days (she's suffering from depression ) but I may stay there more than 2 weeks. I'd like to: the kids are SOOOOOOOO nice !!! That's s great and pretty rare . I never got a class that nice before so it's very pleasant. The only downside of the job is the commute: 30 minutes drive to go there so I spend one hour driving but I arrive at the school daycare just 5 minutes later than when I work close to home. The road is fine: it is a highway then a freeway so only the freeway is a little bit stuck at 5.10 pm.
We did free the lizard: I do think he's happier outside than in a plastic box. Wild animals are made to live outside , not inside with humans ;-)
This morning I went voting. We'll have a new president tonight. At least, it's going to be a young president. That's a big change since all the previous presidents were at least 65 years old. I made my students vote on saturday: the result are : Sarkozy 51 % and Royal 49 %. We'll see if it matches tonight results...

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Carla said...

Muy buen progreso!!
30 minutos para llegar al trabajo que es un trayecto largo!!!