Wednesday, May 9, 2007

I love to get things in the mail !

I am pleased to introduce you to my next new project : Christmas stories from Dimensions !!! It's a small design (a big change for me !!! ). I checked Dimensions new range of christmas products and can I say I fell in love with that cute design? :-)) I had to have it so I ordered it from ebay and here it is in front of me. Now the dilemma is: should I start it right now or should I wait to finish the birdhouse artistry? I have everything to start it: the right fabric: a 32 count white lugana. ( I only wish Dimensions will include a thread sorter in their Petite collections ) I'm afraid if I don't finish the other one first, it may end up as an UFO ... :-(

So, what do you think? Qu'en pensez-vous?


Anonymous said...

Finish the birdhouses. I have enough UFOs to know! At least each motif in the birdhouses is something different to stitch. That difference kept me going on Winter when I never wanted to see any more white silk thread ever again.

Carla said...

Es hermoso ese diseño. no???! Yo lo tengo en mi Wish List parece super tierno ese Santa :)

Anonymous said...

Fini tes nichoirs avant de commencer c'elle ci. O en finissant tes nichoirs commence c'ele ci car c'est un gros pavé et tu auras besoin de changer de travail ;-)