Sunday, May 13, 2007

Good progress

The bouquet is finished !!! And I have even started the feather that I had frogged last time. I'm almost done on the feather and even though the feather is too low, we barely notice the difference.

I've been a bad girl yesterday: I have to admit it ! I got my fabric ready for my Christmas Stories and I also storted my threads. I had to make my own thread sorters... Let's say I'm very close to start anytime now as the picture is so beautiful !!! I don't know how long I will resist ... :-)


It's been raining since this morning ... I hate being stuck at home ... but what else can I do but stitch? :-))


Carla said...

jajaja yo tampoco podría resistirme a comenzarlo :)
el cuadro de Lanarte esta quedando lindo!

Kendra said...

You left me a message via Webshots about my Santa Sampler piece...

The designer is Sandy Orton, one of my favorite designers. The pattern for this piece isn't real easy to find, but it's in 2 publications that I know of: World of Cross Stitching magazine (a UK magazine), issue #39 from November 2000, and a book called "555 Christmas Cross Stitch Designs", published by Kooler Design Studios. I've seen both of these on eBay from time to time.

Thank you for taking a look at my pictures (I need to update them...)! My blog is: I've just finished up some other pieces and plan to get back to work on Santa Sampler, so I'll have some new pictures of it up soon, hopefully! :-)

By the way, the nature piece you are working on is really beautiful! And I, too, like that Christmas Stories piece...I love Santa pieces!