Monday, May 7, 2007

A bigger picture !!!

Here is the result of my last night stitching. The flower is getting bigger. I still hope it is going to be fine as I won't frog all you see ;-) After the flower, I'm going to stitch the nest or the feather I frogged last time. After the nest, there is another birdhouse that I may lower to get it close to the border. It should 3 nuts but I don't think it is really nice !!! For that I'll have to stitch all the border first !
I haven't received my next project yet and it's better like that as I may stitch it right !!! :-) I don't think I could resist , except that it is a Dimensions kit and that it is always tricky to stitch as they mixed colors ... I'll show it to you when I'll get it here !!!

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Anonymous said...

Tu avances super vite! bravo