Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A nest and an escape

No bird escaped from my nest but my little birdie did esacape from his crib last night for the first time ! I couldn't believed it when I saw him at my living room door ! So we put him back to his bed with his sleepling bag and we thought he could be okay. But later on when I checked him, he was on MY bed Let me tell you that I got a little scared when I checked his crib and I saw only the empty sleeping bag Cathy, we don't need a little night lamp as his door stays open and there is plenty of light. Anyway, tonight again, he escaped again from the bed and I allowed him to fall asleep on my bed . I don't think it is the right decision but for now, it is quiet around here ...
You see my nest is not yet finished ... I still have some stitches to do on that nest. I may get it over tonight but I still need to type some stuffs for tomorrow class .

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Anonymous said...

la suite la suite ! ^^