Saturday, February 7, 2009

Fully loaded

with pictures !


Thursday, I was not a happy camper when Emma came back from school. She told us her teacher, also the director of the school, slapped her 3 times on the head because she was talking with a schoolmate . I think there are other way to discipline a child ... She could have given her some work to do at home. Emma is a bright child who always get good grades so she doesn't deserve being treated that way (No children deserve to be slapped on their head !) Chuy went to see the teacher but that woman always try to avoid the parents . When you think Emma is in a private catholic school that uses the Montessori pedagogy ... Anyway her teacher is leaving the school as she's going on maternity leave, so we hope the substitute teacher is going to be nicer ...

Yesterday, Steb had his school play. The play included the 3, 4 and 5 years old. It was about the colors based on the book: Mouse paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh. The little blond in blue who is running in mine !!! I tried to cirlcle him and used the pic but it didn't work ... I'm so bad at doing anything with my pictures .... So Steb is like Pierre: he's not too happy being watched by a crowd.

I wonder what my boy was checking .... Is it a guy thing?

Then someone hit him by accident (or a mean 3 yo tried to ruin the whole show? I caught it on picture !!! )

And my baby started to cry ... See these teary eyes?

You can't see it but his girlfriend came to confort him (yes, he aleardy have a girlfriend; her name is Audrey. He likes them older: she's 4 yo !!! ) The teachers did a great job considering the kids are so young. I think that Pierre and Steb won't become actors but Emma asked me to join an acting class next year (she used to love those plays and was often the first role because she was not scared and had a great memory!)

We are working on the house yesterday. This is our dining room window: bare and white like the whole house.

So we headed to the home improvement store and we got those curtains (do you notice something?):

Yes, there is something stitched on it !!!! Isn't it neat?

The curtain is in natural linen. I really like them. Do you think I should get the same curtain for the french window in the living room? (same big room actually.) Or should I get a different one in the same color?

I'm still working on the leaf (the one I forgot ... )

Of course, I did stitch most of the 2/2 and left the 1/2 : I like to treat myself with little pleasures ...

The kids are now on winter vacations for two weeks! It's good as they are tired. This morning, Steb and Emma woke up at 9 am !!! Hard to believe as my kids are known to wake up early when there is no school ...

My baby is growing: he doesn't say "moma" anymore but grand'ma like the older ones. I asked him: "say moma". He looked at me with a serious look and said "grand ma!" (like: I'm not a baby anymore so I don't baby talk ... )

Before I forget! Blue tagged me. I have to show my sixth picture in my last folder and tag 5 persons. So here it is:
It's Beary sweet memories by Dimensions. I'm going to tag Andie (I'm sure she has beautiful pictures to show us.), Marita, Yvonne, Pumkin, and Tanja !!! If you have already did it maybe you can do it with the 7 th picture in your 7 th folder

You're still here? Congratulations, you deserve a big


tkdquintmom said...

Holy carp. I would have to take that teacher out if she slapped my kid! Sorry, that doesn't fly by me! grrrrrr

Love the shades, and I did notice right away that there was something stitchy on them! :-) Do a different color for the others. IMHO.

Daffycat said...

Emma's teacher needs a poke in the eye! Poor Emma.

Lovely embroidered curtains! If it was me, I'd buy the same ones if the window is in the same room.

Jean said...

Boy, there was a lot of hitting going on!!! Emma, the baby....good time for a break.

I sure would pursue the incident about the hitting of Emma. It's easy to let something like that slide when the teacher avoids contact and that's the way they get away with this stuff! Talk to anyone who will listen. If she isn't going to listen, talk to the vice principal or another teacher or the parent teacher association. Put something in writing so that it doesn't get overlooked. When I look back, there are times I wish I had been more proactive with my kids and their school experiences. With age comes wisdom (sometimes). I would find it hard to believe that the school would condone hitting. So, my motherly advice to you is- you will send a strong message to Emma by not letting this incident go by the wayside. You will send a powerful message to the school if you don't stand for mistreatment of your child or any other child. Don't be afraid. You are in the right.

I love the shades. With windows in the same room, I would buy the same ones. It will be a consistency and very striking. I love your choice.

Enjoy the weeks off with the kids!!

Unknown said...

Quand j'étais prof (oui, j'ai pas toujours fait des burgers), j'avais envie de passer certains élèves par la fenêtre ;) mais jamais de la vie, j'aurais touché un élève même pour une tape sur la tête. Bref, cette nana, directrice ou pas, maternité ou pas, faut pas qu'elle s'en tire comme ça. Tu devrais peut-être voir avec une asso de parents.

Pour Steb, prépare-toi, dans quelques temps, il va te demander l'ordi pour chatter sur msn avec sa copine et ses potes :)

Faith Ann said...

Good heavens... your child was slapped? That's absurd!! I can't imagine that happening in a school in this day and age!!

Love the new window treatments... they're very pretty.

Yvonne said...

I am really furious with Emma's teacher. She can try to do that here in Denmark! It is not allowed to lay a finger on kids here. Not even catching hold of their arms and shake them unless in situation like the child tends to do something dangerous. Not even a slap on the hand. I am really furious when adults lay a finger on any child...ggggrrrrrrrr!!!

mainely stitching said...

I can't imagine what I'd do if a teacher hit one of my kids. Yikes!! It's also not allowed here in The Netherlands. I would think it would not be allowed anywhere.

The pictures of Steb in the play are very cute. I'm glad his girlfriend could cheer him back up. :)

Love your window treatments and I would use the same shade in the other window, too.

Debra said...

The pictures are great! Too funny. Love your curtains, I say get that same ones for the other window. Nice progress on your stitching.
Debra in Indiana

Dani - tkdchick said...

Ohh you're new drapes are lovely.

Keep going on those fuschas!

Carmen said...

I don´t undertand to emma´s teacher,is seh crazy? nobody have the rigth of slap to the children!!

i hope the vacation been calm and easy to the children and for you too.

the fuchsia look great.


Carolyn NC said...

Here private schools can allow corporal punishment (NOT a slap on the head), but the public schools mostly can't. However, having worked in a private school and having my children attend one, I know that any teacher doing this would more than likely be fired, etc. Any corporal punishment is administered by the parents, not the school, & it doesn't include anything like what you describe. Your pics are adorable and the stitching is going great! Love those new curtains, too.

Pumpkin said...

Are you serious???? I would have slapped that woman right back! That is definitely not called for. I'm surprised that a) she's a teacher and b) she's pregnant...

Steb is so sweet :o)

LOVE your new curtains! If you can get them for the other windows, I would.

Okay, HOW did you miss that huge leaf???? LOL!

I got the tag and will post soon :o)

Anonymous said...

OMG! I would be so angry at that teacher. I hope Emma is okay now and the situation is resolved.. am catching up on my blog reading so maybe in the more recent posts I will find out that is the case.

Your fuschias look amazing, so much green ,you are doing really well.

Love the curtains, so pretty.