Friday, January 4, 2008

Muchas gracias !!!!

Remember when I was complaining about my search for spanish books or spanish children songs? Well, look at what we got in the mail from Carla in Peru:

Waow! I was so surprised to get a book. I knew she had sent us the CD Miss Rosi but I didn't know she will also send a book! And look at the beautiful Christmas card she sent: so traditional and modern at the same time. I love it !!!

Some little people also liked the gifts:
Emma doesn't have naturally pink lips: she got make up from her great grand mother from Chritsmas.

Carla: Chuy and I can't thank you enough for the great gift you sent to Emma. I am very moved by your genorisity . Ths songs are great and exactly what I had in mind. I checked in the internet if her CD's were available in Spain but I couldn't find anything: they are really missing a great artist !!!

Carla: you are a wonderful lady
Gracias! Merci! Thank you!


Tammy said...

The generosity of others is touching.

The kids look adorable and so happy with their book.

Carmen said...

yeah! tammy is right,you litle boy look so cute,and happy!, your dowughter is a beautiful litle princes :D
and Carla, amazing lady

Carla said...

Que bueno que llegaron!!! Y me alegro que les gustara, para mi fue un placer haberles ayudado un poquito.

mainely stitching said...

What a sweet gift - and what LOVELY pictures of your kids!!!