Monday, August 4, 2008

Progress and mail .

I'm very happy with my progress:

Santa has some shoes and his coat is growing. (rainy days are the stitchers best friend ) I still need to do some backstitch to not leave everything to the end.

Today, I got a surprise envelope from
who sent me my PIF. She's been experimenting with fabric dyes and look at what I got (she even have a stamp with her nickname):

And who is the lucky one? ME !!!!!! Merci beaucoup Blue !!! TU es très douée !!!

I realized I haven't showed you my FOTM for the month of july:

I got two 32 count lugana: Meadow mist and Oceantide.


Tammy said...

You have a toe-tapping Santa. This piece is really coming along. Looks great.

Sweet haul in the mail, with your exchange and your fabric.

Marie said...

très jolie toile ! j'aime beaucoup les boutons !

Ginnie said...

Your Santa piece is really taking shape, it looks great. Lovely new fabric too.

Sonda said...

Your Santa looks great and WOW! what a cool fabric!!

Sally said...

Your Santa is really coming Chiloe.

Anonymous said...

Santa is progressing really quickly. You are doing an amazing job.

Love the fabrics. Some amazing colours.

Carmen said...

great progress!

Anonymous said...

cela promet encore une très belle réalisation de ta part !!!! Bravo aussi à Blue qui teint de très jolies toiles , j'ai eu la chance d'en avoir une aussi en cadeau ! Bisous

Pumpkin said...

Santa's really starting to take shape :o) I agree with the rainy weather being a stitching girl's best friend but I think we've had TOO much :oS

What pretty buttons! Did she make those herself?

Ohhhhhh....SW fabric! I'm drooling over those gorgeous colors :oP''''

Meari said...

Ooooooh, nice PIF and fabbies! I'm so envious right now ;-)