Monday, July 21, 2008

I need your help ladies !!!

See, I'm almost done on the umbrella and I want your opinion on the rain in the original design. I chose a light blue fabric (the color on the scan is close to the original colors) and I am now wondering if I should stitch the rain or not. Will it look weird without the rain? (knowing that with the blue fabric, I'm sure we won't see the threads on the back like in the picture of the kit you can see under my pic.) So please, let me know what you think will look better. Thanks !

I love the duckie too Anyway, this design smells cute

Boys are fun! Why? They love to try new things. This morning, Steb decided it would be a lot of fun to stand in his bath, grab his penis and pee Yesterday, he had told Chuy he had done pee in the bath and I had replied Chuy that was not possible as he had peed BEFORE going to the bath. Well, I guess I was wrong And it's probably time to have him pee like a real cow boy, right?

Pierre and Emma are still having fun. Today they went to visit a
bird park. They had a lot of fun and they saw this show:

Birds are trained to go above the audience. One even touched my dad's hair. The kids were very excited on the phone. Emma even made some effort to explain to her dad in spanish that she saw a mexican parrot . Tomorrow they may go to visit a prehistoric cave.


Cathy said...

Boys definitely are different from girls, aren't they?! When Joshua was about a year and a half old, I found him in his crib with his diaper in his hand and a puddle on the floor. I'll never know how he got his pajamas off!

Unknown said...

If the blue for the rain is the same as the darker blue at the bottom of the picture, I say you need to stitch the rain. You can see the puddles against the blue fabric just fine, so I think you will be able to see the rain, too. Just my two centimes.

Anonymous said...

Great blog, I'm going to make sure I come back to visit often! Love your Robin finish, it's so pretty and dainty, keep up the great work!

bbcrapaud said...

si le bleu est le meme que la flaque, je pense qu'il se verra aussi en gouttes de pluie

cequi est sur c'est qu'il estmigon tout plein ce lapin

Anonymous said...

I do think you should stitch the rain. It will look much better with it. I think it will show up well because the puddles on the ground do. I can see though in the 2nd picture where the stitch has drawn the thread from one blue rain drop to another behind white fabric! Arghhh.

Aww, lol at Steb. Boys are so funny. Riley stands up in the bath too and says 'oh' (like he's surprised) 'wee weeeee' and then pees. He thinks it's hilarious. Remind me never to get in the bath after him lol.

Anonymous said...

Oh it's so cute Chiloe! It'll look much much better with the rain. I think you could use the darker blue color in the puddle as it is visible in the photo. HTH.

Ginnie said...

Yes I agree with the above!! Stitch the rain.
So glad I have girls... (sometimes!)

Jennifer said...

Another vote for stitching the rain, and I think the duckie is just adorable!!

Anonymous said...

I think you should stitch the rain. Usually I don't cross the threads on the back, in this case I'd cut the trhead for each drop


Lori said...

Just my little 'ole oppinion.
I would stitch some rain, but not as much as what the sencond picture shows.

A very cute design and I think the fabby is very suitable.

Dani - tkdchick said...

I'd stitch the rain... perhaps go a tad darker shade of blue if its too close to your fabbie colour.

debijeanm said...

I only had boys so don't know if they're different or not. Our funniest peeing story was when my oldest was playing third base in a baseball game (I think he was 8) in a neighboring town. He had to pee but didn't know where the restrooms were, didn't know if the coach would let him leave. Anyway, all of a sudden he takes off back to the back fence and takes a whiz against the fence.

His dad taught him that.

Your background fabric is SO much better than what they used! Actually looks like an overcast day. And yeah, I also think you need the raindrops. They'll look so much better in on your picture.

Stitchingranny said...

Oh Chiloe I am so behind on blog reading.

Belated birthday greatings to Emma (hug).

Congratulations on your wonderful little Robin he is lovely.

And wow wow wow on your super bunny (oh I want the little duck) you have been so so busy while I have been in hiding.

Windy said...

How funny about Steb! boys are a lot of fun. How much fun the kids are having with their grandparents and a great break for you!

Pumpkin said...

ROFL! Steb sounds like quite the character ;o)

I like Lori-Ann's suggestiong about stitching the rain but not as much as what is in the picture.

Anonymous said...

Very cool. That bird park looks amazing.