Saturday, May 3, 2008

Stitchers are wonderful !!!

First I won a little gift from Dawn's blog when she did a drawing for her blogoversary. She picked three winners and I was so lucky to be one of then ( even though after it I forgot about my winning ) Yesterday I received the most precious gift A scissor fob with a beautiful design on it. Everything is perfect: the opalescent fabric, the brown cording, the pumkin design. You got it: I just love it But I won't use it as a scissor fob because my scissors are too ugly. However, I found a great way to see it everyday: I put it on my computer



And this is where it is now:

Thank you very much Dawn !!! You couldn't choose a better design for me !!! You completely guessed right when you chose this design !!! I'm very very happy !!! Emma loves it too: she find it very beautiful too .This is my second hand made gift after the one I won on Barbara's blog !!!

Then a couple of days ago, I received the chart
Andie generously offered me after she finished her celtic autumn with her color conversion I admired a lot on her blog.

What you see is actually Andie's beautiful finish with the converted colors. And this is the original colors:

I really love the orange / green colors. It really gives me a fall feeling when I look at it. I need to find the right fabric for it.

I made more progress on my Lanarte !!!

Yesterday the landlord called. He wants to change our bedroom window on tuesday. I told him that he needs to be aware that I won't be there on wednesday and he replied that's fine, I may put back the shutters another day No, no, There is no way we can sleep without shutters as we don't have any curtains ... That man doesn't care at all for us or our family life: he does what is convenient for him


Anonymous said...

You need to get yourself a pair of pretty scissors!

I hope you get things sorted out with your landlord. I lived for 4 years in an apartment without any curtains, and it was wonderful having the city nightlight outside my window; when I moved into the place, I couldn't imagine that I would love it so much, as I always insisted on a dark room to sleep in.

Jennifer said...

The original colors of the L&L are nice, but I like Andie's conversion a LOT better. I think you're right - it gives it a much more "fall" feeling!

Dawn T. said...

I am so happy you like it! I hope to be able to make something again for you soon.:)

Thanks for the comment on my Snowman. I just LOVE him! I can't wait to see which stocking you stitch from the book.:)

Anonymous said...

J'aime bien les 2 coloris pour ce Lanarte.

Anonymous said...

oh mimi comme tout le ptit cadeau et les LandL sont superbes !
Ma préférée reste celle de Noel


Dani - tkdchick said...

What a beautiful fob from Dawn! Your Lanarte is coming along beautifully!

mainely stitching said...

What a gorgeous little fob! I just LOVE pumpkins!! :D

Carmen said...

beautiful scissor fob!
i you are right,the conversion color are so beautiful,they look more Outumn for me.

Unknown said...

congrats on winning the fob. It's awesome!

Do you think I could get the color conversion that your friend Andie did on Celtic Autumn. It is awesome. And I own that chart! Much more Autumn looking that the orginal. If so here is my email addy

Your WIP is looking great. You are such a quick stitcher.

Anonymous said...

Aurgh my comments are not going through. :sad:

The fob is beautiful. Congrats on winning the competition.

I love the new Autumn colours. How will you cope with stitching the green :grin:.

Lanarte is looking good, great progress.

Lennu said...

What a beautiful fob you've received! The autumn colours is L&L design are wonderful. I think it's such a beautiful design and these colours make it look very autumnal :) Your Lanarte is looking pretty too!

Sally said...

The fob you received from Dawn is gorgeous Chiloe:)

I love the conversion of Celtic Autumn. That is so pretty all stitched up so I'm looking forward to seeing you stitch it:)

Your Lanarte is looking gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful fob!

Without shutters AND a curtain?! Not good! Can't you put a sheet up? Catch it in the window frame to get it to hang or something like that? Hope you get something sorted!

You're making great progress on the Lanarte. :)

Linda K's Stitching Corner said...

Wow...that Scissor Fob is so pretty...congratulations on receiving that.

I have Autumn Celtic in my Stash and I would love to have the conversion colors too for that one. Your friend Andie colors are so much prettier than the original Design.

Your Lanarte WIP is coming right along...I can't wait til you get that one finished. That is going to be so beautiful.

I never had any luck with any of my landlords when I was living in my apartment and in a house trailer. I had trouble with both of my landlords so I know what you are going through.

Take care & Happy Stitching

Faith Ann said...

I love that colour conversion... can't wait to see your progress!

I will definitely grant you access to my scrapping blog. Just send an email (I need to add your email address to the allowed list of readers) to "" and I'll send you an invite.

Aussie Stitcher said...

Love the fob that Dawn made for you, your wip is coming along nicely and I love your parade photos.

Carol said...

Those really are fantastic gifts!!

Pumpkin said...

You are so right Chiloe! That is the perfect fob and you had better watch out so that I don't steal it from you ;o) LOL!

I have to agree, I do love the color conversion much better. Those are autumn colors to me but then again, I'm not a purple person :oD

What a pain! I hope your windown gets done very soon and your shutters put back on. Hugs!

Andie said...

:) Glad the chart made it to you fine! *hugs*

Meari said...

Great stitchy gifts. :)